Monday, 7 December 2009


This is a very quick blog today as I'm about to set off to my Mum's home where I've promised to paint her hallway walls, doors and ceilings to brighten it up a little - she had some plumbing work done recently and the workmen made a bit of a mess :o(     We will also be meeting with the carers who will be helping Mum-in-Law when she returns home from hospital and finally we'll be visiting Mum-in-Law this evening in hospital - so another busy day ahead!!

I've photographed the double horse portrait 'as is' and again with the mount and frame that I intend to use for this one. It won't be seen by my client till 17th December, so fingers crossed she will be happy with her present!

Here they are - Riley and Jess


Grahame Butler said...

Beautiful work Sue, and the mount and frame are perfect to set the whole pic off to its best, how can they not be happy??

sue said...

Thanks Grahame ... my biggest concern was that Jess (on right) looks totally different colours in her Summer/Winter coats and I've aimed more at the Summer colouring - I'm such a ditherer when choices are left to me ... would much rather have firm instructions :o)

Jan said...

It really looks good framed, Sue. If the horse changes color and you have painted it in one of those colors, then I'm sure the client will be pleased!

However, I prefer firm instruction also & would rather someone tell me how they want a commission painted!