Monday, 18 May 2015

Brown Man (again)

OK, sorry to be boring folks but I've hardly done any artwork since my demo/stewarding sessions with the UK Coloured Pencil Society Exhibition in London last week so very little progress has been made on the demo piece I was working on.

Sadly my Mum-in-Law had a massive stroke sometime between Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon when she was found ... so David and I have been backwards and forward to hospital over the last few days - and she has been moved 3 times.    She is now in a dedicated Stroke Unit at Lewisham hospital in London where she is getting great attention but she is very poorly ... and at nearly 97 years old is probably the oldest lady in the unit.

Here's where I finished work on Steve (the Brown Man) :

I might do some final tweaking at a later stage - Particularly that area between nose and upper lip which looks a little strange with the dark patch being one-sided - but it is true to the ref. photo. The whiskers/colouration really look like that.  The great thing about drawing/painting a portrait is that I can use a bit of artistic licence and nobody will really notice

I have two ref. photos that I'd really like to get 'stuck into' next with the coloured pencils, but we're still on call to dash up to London on babysitting duty when daughter goes into labour with Grand-daughter II (due Wednesday 20th) and of course we might also be called to London for Doris (Mum in Law) so I can't really concentrate on anything just now and its probably not a good idea to tackle anything very detailed ...


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your mother in law Sue. Poor woman to have been on her own all that time. Hope the new baby and the stroke victim will time their crises so that you guys can cope with both. Wishing you both all the best.

  2. Sue, I too am saddened to hear of Doris' stroke. I am so glad she is receiving great care though. The blessing of a new baby is wonderful though, yes? I think this man looks awesome and you are doing an amazing job with this piece. I hope you can find a peace and some rest!!

  3. you did an amazing portrait of Steve, Sue! It doesn't look like too much tweaking it as is!!! And I'm so sorry to hear about your Mother in law!

  4. Life has a way of throwing everything at you at once, it seems. I hope Doris is now in the right place to give her the best care and I hope Sophie's little sibling arrives at an opportune time for you!

  5. sorry to read about your MIL :( Lots of stress it seems in your life right now. take a few minutes out to breathe


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