Thursday, 7 May 2015


The weather was awful for our day in London yesterday and travelling was a nightmare - traffic jams on the motorway and engineering works on the trains but we got to the Gallery by 11 as planned.   The Private View went well and we got home just before midnight having set out at 7.45 in the morning.   Feeling a bit jaded today.

The standard of coloured pencil works on exhibit is very high so if anybody is able to visit the Menier Gallery at Southwark Street (near London Bridge Station) its worth popping in to have a look.

I will be demonstrating at the Gallery tomorrow, together with Karen Coulson and here's an update on the drawing I'll be working on for the demo

The wrinkles on his forehead don't look this harsh in reality, I think the camera is picking up the white areas too much, but not worth faffing around with it till its finished

At least being busy with the Coloured Pencil activities is enabling me to switch off from the monotonous round of pre-election reporting on the TV and radio.   Of course its important, but we've been bombarded with politics for weeks now.  At least the arrival of baby Princess Charlotte gave reporters something else to focus on for a couple of days.   Now we'll get another few weeks of 'experts' dissecting the results ... Oh Joy!


  1. Hope you got a little rest today. The demo will go just fine as this update is looking good.

    Your election is getting a lot of play even here in the US, Important, yes, but agree that enough is enough.

    Was pleased that William and Kate had a little girl and had gone against the odds to include "Diana" in her name. Was wondering if you'd mention the birth as it's huge news here.

  2. Also wanted to say that you're fortunate the politics have only been weeks - it's already started for fall of 2016 here!

  3. I will be so glad when people stop talking about the election, and its not even just civil talk, I've seen it descend into yelling/shouting/threatening :/

  4. Compared with US elections Sue, you have absolutely nothing to complain about. Unfortunately a lot of our programmes come from the States so we get all these dreadful political ads and it goes on for months and months. Our elections in Canada don't take nearly as long, more like the ones in the UK.

    Will be interested to see the final result of this picture. Don't tire yourselves out too much.


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