Thursday, 28 May 2015

28/05: 25 YEARS - Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Celebrations

I'm not doing very well on the Blogging front just now - just too many things going on ... but I hope to catch up on reading posts next week.

David and I do a couple of voluntary jobs - a regular day (or two) per week at the eBay office of Pilgrims Hospice (we research and list on eBay the better quality items donated to the Hospice Charity Shops - where we get a better price for them than can be achieved in the shops).    

We also fund raise/give talks on behalf of the Air Ambulance on an ad-hoc basis.

Last night we attended a 'Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration' at Canterbury Cathedral to mark the 25th anniversary of Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance - it used to be Kent Air Ambulance but now covers 3 Counties.   Although we live just half hour's drive away, we've never been inside Canterbury Cathedral itself, just wandered around the grounds/gardens on a couple of occasions.

A few crew members (doctors, paramedics and pilots) photographed by the entrance doors whilst we were waiting to get inside:

The cathedral itself is undergoing major refurbishment/cleaning so much of it is covered in scaffolding - its a major undertaking.        This is how grimy the walls/windows look

and a section that has been cleaned and looks beautiful now

During the service we had both phones on silent/vibrate in case we got 'the call' to dash up the motorway for babysitting duties when Caroline (daughter) finally goes into labour with Grand-daughter No. 2.    She's more than a week late now .... but still no sign.

I've not had much spare time to draw but did get a little more work done on the 'Big Issue Seller' this evening before the daylight faded.    Although it was just a few weeks ago when I photographed him, the weather was very cold/damp and he was wearing a very chunky jacket which has some complicated textures/stitching so I've been trying to sketch in some of the design ready to add colour.   I did more work on his hat and face but the skintones will need to be adjusted once I have more colour in the clothing against which to judge them.


CrimsonLeaves said...

The art piece is coming along beautifully, Sue! Love seeing the photos and that church! Amazing architecture and detail! How is your mum-in-law? Baby arrive yet?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Sherry, thank you :-)
M-I-L is almost over the pneumonia infection so we hope she'll have more strength to combat the effects of the stroke but at the moment she is unable to do anything for herself including swallowing/eating. Baby is taking its time ... Caroline will go into hospital Monday so baby can be induced if nothing happens before then (that's 12 days overdue).

Jo said...

Never been inside the Cathedral before? You do surprise me. Was just trying to remember how old it is, will have to Google. It does looks superb where it has been cleaned.

Glad your MIL is getting better although it does take a time doesn't it? Here they would have given Carolina a C section by now. Hope it is all resolved, one way or another, soon.

Love this picture, it's coming along fine.

Studio at the Farm said...

Hi Sue,

You HAVE been busy! Hope you and David and all your family are well. I thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

Your big-issue seller is looking great! And you took some wonderful photos of the cathedral - what a superb old building!

Take care of yourself, Sue. I look forward to more good news about your M-I-L, and your daughter!!!


J. Gibson Art Studio said...

So glad to finally hear something from you - was wondering about your MIL and Caroline/new baby!

The Big Issue Seller is looking really good

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

while it is nice to see a post from you and to read you MIL is doing better, you have so much going on right now don't worry about the blog. we will be here to see what you are up to once life calms down a bit :)

Your Big Issue seller is looking good, looks very challenging to draw