Thursday, 14 May 2015

14/05: BROWN MAN ...

It seems ages since my last post but I've been in London demonstrating and stewarding at the UK Coloured Pencil Society's Int'l Exhibition for a few days and then yesterday did my usual Wednesday voluntary job for Pilgrims Hospice near Canterbury.

The exhibition is still running till Saturday and there are some fabulous works on display from coloured pencil artists in the UK and around the world.   If you get the chance do pop in to have a look and try out some of the brands of pencils and papers available on the 'have a go' desk.   The exhibition is in the Menier Gallery, Southwark Street which is very close to the bustling Borough Market and Thames-side attractions so why not make a day of it?

I didn't get much work done on my 'demo' piece as I spent more time chatting to people than drawing but this is where I got to by yesterday evening - apologies for the horrible background colour as it was photographed in poor light - in reality the paper is ivory white.    I'll try to get him finished today as I want to move onto a different subject now.

The subject is Steve Lipner, a well-known character around Corralejo,  Fuerteventura (where we spend several months each year) but I selected this picture specifically because its 'very brown' so I could take a limited range of pencils/colours with me to London.

The saxophonist is still standing in the corner of my studio reminding me that he needs to be completed also but I have to be in the mood for him :-)


  1. So glad you got more done to it! It's coming right along and looking good.

  2. Amazing work on the skin and wrinkles!

  3. great job with the wrinkles :)

  4. You can see he lives in the sun. Great work again Sue.

  5. He's coming along so beautifully Sue!
    Love it!


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