Tuesday, 5 May 2015


After 3+ weeks away there is so much that needs to be dealt with quickly at home but we just didn't really feel motivated .. you know how it is when you return from holiday ...

Today we had to do a trial run to collect Grand-daughter from Play School in case we have to do it for real when our daughter goes into labour with Grand-daughter II (due 20th of this month) so that took up all afternoon but was necessary as the staff at the nursery needed to be sure we're 'responsible' adults.

Tomorrow we'll be in London for the UKCPS International Exhibition to deliver my one picture that got juried in and sort out the snacks/soft drinks for the Private View in the evening.   Its going to be a very long day for us.       We'll be back at the Gallery on Friday (I'm demonstrating coloured pencils and David is stewarding) and Saturday when we're both stewarding ... we're not used to commuting so will be ready for another holiday after this week methinks.

I've never demonstrated at an exhibition like this before so I decided to use a photograph of Steve Lipner who is British but has lived on Fuerteventura for many years and  runs a secondhand 'household goods' business and does lots of charity work - often donating items from his shop to families who have fallen on hard times.  We spend around 4 months a year on Fuerteventura (Canary Island) and lots of my portrait models are photograhed here.     I think Steve has a very interesting 'lived in' face.   I took his photo in our house on a day when he was very relaxed, hadn't shaved and was wearing very battered, brown hat and coat ....   As I will have to transport pencils and all my drawing paraphernalia by train to London I want to minimise the load.     Having a picture which is so very BROWN I can probably get away with carrying just 25 pencils for a limited palette.     This is where I got after a couple of hours work on Sunday and again this morning .... I just want to get it past the 'ugly' stage and then I'll be happy to just work on adding layers and deepening the colours whilst 'demonstrating' ..

I have to put the eyes in early ... can't bear looking at empty sockets

Deepening the skin colours here ... long way to go yet - it all looks very harsh at the moment but don't want to lose sight of those wrinkles (laughter lines)  

 I hope to do another couple of hours work on this on Thursday before using it as my demo piece on Friday (talk about cutting things fine) ... but I'm guessing I'll be doing more talking with the Gallery visitors than actually drawing so ... fingers crossed I won't make a fool of myself!


  1. pretty sure are responsible adults, managed to raise your daughter.

    good luck at your demo :D

  2. I understand caregivers wanting to make sure of the people who pick up their charges. But I'm sure they found you all perfectly acceptable!

    The demo portrait is looking great - I'm sure you'll do just fine with it all.

    Now, just make sure to breathe!

  3. Nursery staff have to take security very seriously these days ... we had to submit photographs prior to visiting and meeting them in person. Sign of the times, sadly. Anyway all went smoothly.

    Just setting off to the Gallery this morning for day 1 ... and the Private View this evening. Its going to be a 15 hour day for us with travelling

  4. This is coming along fabulously, Sue! Your words "lived in face" are a perfect description!

  5. I'm sure you proved to be responsible grandparents :)
    And all the best to you, Sue, at the UKCPS show!!!
    Kathryn xx

  6. Surprised you don't stay up there.

    The difference between those two pictures is quite something. He looks fairly young in the first one, but a few wrinkles and what a change.

  7. Thanks .. just got home (nearly midnight) and we're both shattered but I think the day went well.

    Just one sale and very few visitors but the weather was appalling - wind/rain and very cold.

    Jo, we thought about staying in Town but the hotels were around £200 per night so we ruled them out ...

    This portrait is coming along so beautifully Sue! I truly look forward to seeing your next post!


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