Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Well, slowly but surely the flooring is going down - we now have new oak throughout most of the downstairs and just David's study to finish tomorrow.   Then the skirting boards need to be fixed and that leaves just the upstairs bathroom floor to be relaid with vinyl (the scene of the crime, where the cistern cracked and flooded the downstairs)!

I've done more work on the Spaniel but I think for the next few days I won't be able to work with pastels so if I have any opportunities for artwork I'll make a start on the KC Cavalier Spaniel which I will be working in coloured pencil (I need smaller work area for cps than pastels).

I'll email this update to my client tonight to see what she thinks so far.   I started putting whiskers in then realised that was silly, in case I need to make changes to the coat colour/ears etc ..

Oh, meant to add that we did well with our collection buckets for Air Ambulance on Saturday.   Now the cash has been counted we're told that I collected £425.40 and David collected £283.20 (obviously I'm far more approachable than David - or more scarey perhaps) LOL

Over the five days at EuroTunnel we volunteers collected £1648.35 so a good result which will keep the helicopters flying for a couple of minutes .....


  1. every pence counts when it comes to charity work :) i think its great you guys take the time to volunteer

  2. Thanks Jennifer but I feel a bit of a fraud .... we have fun at these days and I'd gladly do more of them.

    The Air Ambulance is a charity that everyone loves!

  3. She's looking wonderful, Sue. Congratulations on raising that amount for the Air Ambulance. As Jennifer said, every bit helps!

  4. I agree, every penny counts. You did well the pair of your. How often are collections done?

    Fluffy dog isn't it?

  5. its not being a fraud if you are having fun trying to raise money for charity. volunteer work doesn't have to be all doom and gloom (which I wish the people trying to collect for the MS society around here would realise, a simple smile goes a long way)

  6. Thanks ladies.

    Jo, there are collections and charity events going on most days and the Air Ambulance also have their own lottery which raises funds. We've collected outside supermarkets and next month will be at the local transport museum where there will be a show for 'emergency service vehicles' - we've been to horse shows and dog shows - anywhere where there is a crowd basically.

    The Eurotunnel collection takes place annually at this time of year for 4 or 5 days as its the start of the school holidays and very busy.

    I agree Jennifer. We have a laugh with the visitors - helps to be a little bit cheeky sometimes

    Yes, this picture of the spaniel shows her with windswept ears ... I'll post the original ref next time alongside the drawing. She looks different colours in all 3 photos so I'm taking the 'middle line' and waiting to hear if i've got it right.

  7. Brilliant pic and well done the collection was a triumph


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