Friday, 18 July 2014

18/07: SORRY!

Its been so long since I posted on my Blog ... but things have been pretty horrendous at home.    5 weeks since we flew home from Fuerteventura to sort out the flood damage and we're still ankle deep in dust with all the furniture stowed away in sheds and spare bedrooms etc.

So far, we've had the hole in the lounge ceiling repaired and the downstairs ceilings 'skimmed' throughout.    All damaged furniture has been removed and replacements ordered - due for delivery in the next few weeks.

The oak floor has been taken up throughout the downstairs apart from the kitchen which has tiled floors.   The 'sub floor' - the one underneath the oak was found to be damaged and that has all been taken up and replaced today.

But .. hopefully its onwards and upwards from now on.   The ceilings will be sealed and repainted next Thursday and the oak floor/skirting boards will be be relaid starting next Friday (for 4 days) ... so if all goes according to plan we can get the decorator in to make good around 2nd week August ... then we have the huge job of putting everything back into place ... can't wait!  

On the hottest day of the year here, I had 3 burly guys sawing up the 'sub floor' and replacing it - I did feel sorry for them as I was uncomfortably hot and wasn't doing manual work.   But I shut myself away and cracked on with the horse portrait commission which I'd hoped to start last week.    I got a lot done and am now awaiting feedback from my client.

Sadly this horse passed away recently and the ref photos are all very small so I'm struggling a bit.    I did portray this horse a few years ago (double portrait together with the horse belonging to my client's mum)  I'm working from the same refs but have been able to brighten the pics a little in Photoshop Elements to see a few more details.

Lots of tweaking needed yet but I've got a good base layer of pastel down so just need to fine tune with past pencils


  1. This painting of this horse is absolutely amazing, Sue!!! Very well done!! I've been catching up with all of your previous work and I am SO sorry to hear about your had to be a nightmare coming home to after a wonderful vacation! I couldn't believe the photos!! BUT, it will be fixed and you'll be back to norm! I LOVE your commissioned work of the yellow lab..gorgeous eyes and you did an outstanding job on Reflectivity...

  2. Hi Hilda.
    Thank you for your lovely comments and good wishes.
    The house should be almost back to normal by end August but it has been very difficult to settle to artwork with all the disruption. I now have to crack on with some commissions (and an exhibition piece) so will no more excuses ... I've got very behind with everything - including Blogger!

  3. I am glad you are beginning to see signs of improvement in the house now. What a nightmare it has all been for the pair of you.

    Love the horse - the mane looks a bit stiff at the moment though. Too tidy.

  4. He's coming along nicely, Sue. I don't envy you having to work with difficult reference photos!

  5. Thanks ladies

    The horse needs lots of tweaking but I just wanted to get the basic colours into place .... always looks better once you can start putting in the small details

  6. This is quite extraordinary and a lovely tribute to a beautiful horse

  7. Cheers Polly
    The horse passed away recently so my client is still very upset (I know how it feels having lost my old girl 18 months ago). I haven't heard back from her yet so don't want to do any more till I know the coat colour is OK ... will probably work on the mane and ears later this afternoon though

  8. So glad to hear there's progress being made with the house and especially that you're painting again. The lab is fantastic and I'm sure this horse will be every bit as wonderful.


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