Saturday, 19 July 2014

19/07: MY HERO ...... LOL

Shrieks from the lounge this morning ...... hubby went to open the box he keeps his medication in and found a squatter on the box.  

Wifey to the rescue - the moth is now safely outside.   

Must admit it was a big beastie but I think its a common Poplar Hawk moth.    We found lots of tiny green balls on the window sill which look like eggs so have just cleared those away.  The occasional visitor is OK but don't want a whole family moving in


  1. I assume from that you don't have screens? I think all windows in this part of the world do so and I have often thought I could never live in the UK again due to the lack of them. I get bugged by any insects coming in and especially flies (unintended pun).

  2. What a gorgeous beastie!! Sorry your husband had such a shock on its discovery.

  3. Hi Jo
    We have screens on windows in our house on Fuerteventura but it isn't usual in England - don't know why as we get just as many bugs here. Not sure how practical it would be on our patio doors which are open most of the time we're home - it would probably mean changing the frame and don't think I could stand any more upheaval in the house just now

  4. Hi Kathryn. Not the most handsome beastie (the moth, not hubby) but we was pretty big. Apparently they are common in England but not sure if I've seen one like it before... at least not close up.

    Hi Polly. Where was Annie when I needed her?

  5. neat looking :D

    i found it so odd when i first came here and none of the windows had screens in them lol

  6. The little green balls? Poo! LOL.

  7. Hi Bev ... that got me thinking, but I'm pretty certain they're eggs and look like pics I've found online. Don't know what colour moth 'poo' is as can't find any info.
    Will email you privately re. picking up stored pictures as I think we've just about scheduled in all the workmen for the next couple of weeks now (one final confirmation call to make this morning)


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