Sunday, 27 July 2014


I won't be getting much artwork done over the next couple of days as the floorers will be working in my studio and the hallway outside and all my studio contents need to be shifted out of the way first .... so here's where I've got to with the Springer Spaniel .... I'm working in pastels on light grey pastelmat.  Partway through I decided to add a bit more colour to the background which will help the white hairs on her neck/chest area show up a little more

I haven't bothered adjusting the colours too much at this early stage.  The photos were taken at different times of day and varying light conditions.   This is a little 'blue'

and these two are a little too 'yellow'

I'm working through adding the rich colours to her ears at the moment and will then go back to finetune  and add more highlights etc before moving down to the neck/chest fur.   She's a gorgeous colour dog.

Once I've got the ears more advanced I'll email an update to my client and will spend a bit more time ensuring the photo colour is a little more accurate.   Though of course pictures/colours never look the same when viewed on different screens/monitors


  1. Hi Sue, this looks awesome ;) great fur and details

  2. Thank you Lene. I think Spaniels are some of the most challenging doggy subjects with their beautiful curls/ears but great fun to portray

  3. Looking gorgeous. I've always like spaniels anyway.

  4. Your animal portraits are really Stunning with a capital 'S'

  5. Thank you ladies. May be getting a little more work done today thanks to the weather. Our 'Deer photography workshop' was postponed last night due to rain. Our boat trip round the 'white cliffs/Dover' has been cancelled this afternoon because of 'poor weather' actually it isn't raining yet but it is very windy so we didn't argue when we got the phone call.

  6. She's beautiful already, Sue!

  7. Beautiful!! Looks exactly like my neighbors dog!

  8. love the ears! so fluffy looking :D and those eyes are very lifelike :)

  9. Beautiful!! I found my way to your page trough Jerry's Christmas in July post. I am so glad I did!!

  10. Thanks very much ladies. Apologies for the delay in replying - with workmen at home my internet time is severely curtailed just now!


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