Friday, 25 July 2014


We're certainly getting the hazy and crazy but lazy???   not a chance!

Our house is beginning to look a little more like home now.   The ceiling has been sealed and painted and today some of the replacement oak flooring has been laid - hopefully by end of next week all that will be needed is the walls/skirtings painted and then we can take delivery of the new sofas and move all our contents/furniture  back into place ..  its been 6 weeks of living in a mess, unable to find anything but it has made us appreciate how little we actually need to use in our daily lives  ... so lots of decluttering has been done and more non-essential stuff will be sent to the charity shops once we start unpacking it all from storage.

It has been very difficult to settle to artwork with workmen in and out, banging and drilling etc., but the horse has been finished and approved.  I've parcelled the portrait today in readiness for posting it next week.

Since my last post I've made his muzzle pink, darkened his mane and added a mottled background

Tomorrow David and I will spend the whole day 'rattling collection buckets' at the entrance to EuroTunnel to raise funds for Air Ambulance.     Its going to be a long session - we usually just do half a day as it can be very tiring (but great fun as everybody loves Air Ambulance and is very generous).  This is the probably the busiest weekend of the year at the Tunnel with school holidays starting and a mass exodus to French campsites etc

Sunday we are visiting family in the daytime and then going with friends on a workshop/guided walk to view and photograph fallow deer - hope to get some nice photos if the weather stays good and the deer are obliging.

I have made a start on the next commission - a beautiful Spaniel but its a surprise birthday present so don't think I'll be showing WIPs just yet.    I have another Spaniel to portray afterwards, different spaniels - one Springer and one Cavalier but they have similar colourings.  


Jan said...

I know you said the reference was a little difficult but it looks as if you've overcome any obstacle it presented! Well done!

And so glad your house is on track to getting back to normal!

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Jan :-)
I did work hard on this one but hopefully all paid off!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

glad the house is starting to look normal again :)

stay cool if its hot where you will be, dont want the air ambulance to make a visit for heat stroke

Sue Clinker said...

LOL Jennifer.
I'm hoping we're inside the air-conditioned complex otherwise it will be uncomfortable as our 'uniforms' are black polo shirts trousers - not the best colour to wear in the heat!#

Jo said...

Yes, those uniforms will attract the heat like mad. Glad your picture has been approved and that the house will soon be back to normal. Don't forget, when you are decluttering, just 'cos you didn't need it now, you just might in the future. I always find if I get rid of things I want them immediately.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo. It was hot today but we had fun and collected lots of money for a wonderful cause. I know what you mean about missing items as soon as you get rid of them but I figure if we haven't used them in the 7 years we've lived here we can probably do without them.