Thursday, 24 October 2013


Well this is the result of my 'interview' last Friday when a reporter from the Whitstable Gazette visited to chat about 'what I do' I was a bit under the weather and 'thick' with cold so didn't think to ask for a preview of the article before it went to print. I had no idea what she'd make of my waffling but she (Connie) obviously found enough to fill the page.

Sorry if you tried to view the article earlier - the link has reverted to a newspaper subscription page. 

The only way I can show the article is via this very poor scan which David has managed to juggle and stitch to fit - will need enlarging to read the print I think

scanned copy of Whitstable Gazette article


Jo said...

Lovely picture though. What on earth is that picture you are holding?

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo.
The picture was a bit contrived as I'm not actually doing any portrait commissions just now. The picture I'm holding is the gorilla I started weeks ago, I really need to get on and finish it. The photo is very fuzzy (he didn't use flash)and everything looks a bit bleached

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its a good article :) congrats :)

Peggy said...

That was a very nice article Sue :)
So, is the Frenchman on your website?
I'm going to have to go look LOL :D

Sue Clinker said...

Do you know Peggy I don't think he is on my website ... he was on my previous site though.

I'll dig out the picture and post it here over the weekend. LOL

Jan said...

Great interview, Sue! Just recently had an acquaintance do an interview about the lack of broadband in our area and I swear they only did it to make fun of our rural county! You're shown in a truly positive light in this interview - kudos to the reporter!