Thursday, 10 October 2013


We've been back in England for a week but sadly I've got a problem with my neck and right shoulder/arm so all plans to get back to the drawing board and up to speed with blogging/forums etc failed dismally.     This time 2 years ago I had a similar problem with the left shoulder/arm and had to resort to a steroid injection in the shoulder and a year of treatment ... but I think things aren't quite so bad this time (fingers firmly crossed)

So no artwork I'm afraid, and I certainly won't be painting the ceilings in our upstairs bathrooms as planned.    They only had one coat of builder's emulsion and have started to show some mould spots so desperately need 'tarting up'.    We got as far as buying the bathroom quality paint but that's it for now.   David isn't a DIY person so it'll be down to me once the arm/shoulder is working again.

I have been taking it easy and sorting out my reference photos into more logical files/folders - what a time consuming job that is but am feeling pleased with progress tonight.

I will catch up with all the missed Blog Posts shortly and will hopefully be showing some work of my own before too long.

Whilst we were on Fuerteventura there was some excitement when Ridley Scott visited to check out the island as a suitable venue to film his next production which is the biblical saae of Moses - called Exodus.   They decided to film some scenes of Moses in the Sinai Desert on our own beautiful/extensive sand dunes just outside Corralejo.     The dunes are spectacular but are normally the haunt of die-hard naturists so I wonder just how successful they'll be in banning the (mainly German) nudists ..... they auditioned for extras whilst we were there but were very precise about their requirements ... must be within a certain age band with no visible tattoos (not so easy in this day and age it seems), be thin/athletic looking and bearded (men only).     

I believe that Christian Bale is to play Moses and Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley will also be starring in what is billed as an American Blockbuster ... due for release at the end of 2014.   

Hope to be back to blogging properly next week

We're really noticing the drop in temperature back in the UK - and its very autumnal with leaves falling, cobwebs everywhere and those horrible flying 'daddy-long-legs' craneflies fluttering round in the evenings.  

Beautiful pieces of art aren't they?


Cathy Holtom said...

Don't over do it, could be lifting your luggage on & off the plane?

Jan said...

So glad you're back, Miss Sue. Please take care of yourself and get back to normal (or a reasonable facsimile!)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really hope your neck and shoulder don't get as bad as they have been!

the bathroom paint is great, sometimes looks a little plasticy but helps so much when the room has a mould problem

Jo said...

Glad to see you back. Sorry about the shoulder and arm, had that myself last Christmas, really knocked me for six for a while. Miserable business. So take it easy.

Any news of the show you were in up north?