Sunday, 20 October 2013


Had a lovely afternoon/evening with our friends here yesterday ....

weather was good enough that we could stand outside to watch the flypast of a Spitfire plane which had been organised by birthday boy, Terry Poxon.   Mr Poxon is a huge fan of the Spitfire plane and (according to the local newspaper) planned to play a recording of the air-raid siren, and then some of the speeches of Winston Churchill followed by the 'all clear'        We didn't hear the sirens but loved watching the spitfire - he gave us all value for money as the display lasted quite a while ... I just love the sound of those powerful engines

Whilst in 'vintage' mood/mode ... this short video made me smile.   They certainly knew how to party in the 'old days'   LOL

Reg Kehoe and His Marimba Queens 

We have tickets to visit Brogdale Fruit Farm today.  In fact they are last year's entry tickets we were unable to use as the weather was so wet, their car parks were too muddy to allow access to any vehicle that wasn't heavy duty 4x4 types.    Sadly the rain/windy conditions today made us decide to stay at home instead and just take it easy.   We'll probably drive out to visit the mums later but that will be it - stay home and finish up the party nibbles (naughty but nice)!


  1. It's nice to just have quiet time, isn't it?
    Glad the time with your friends went so well too!

  2. Yes it certainly is Jan. But we did visit the mums so that took care of 5 hours of our day.

    More or less finished the leftover nibbles now so seriously need to get back to sensible food and cut out wine for a few days as the scales aren't being very kind this morning (cheese and wine are sooooo nice but pile on the pounds)!!

  3. Cheese and wine are dangerous if you don't want to gain weight. We have friends who serve that when we pop in and I can't resist but afterwards I regret it.

    Glad you enjoyed the visit. Interesting watching a spitfire, haven't seen one in a long time. We just saw the Churchill movie The Gathering Storm on TV, never seen it before. Enjoyed it enormously.


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