Tuesday, 2 July 2013

02/07: NEARLY THERE ....

Just had approval from my clients for the Labrador/Retriever (Scout) and the Springer Spaniel (Jake) so they will get their 'final tidy up' and fixative spray ready for shipping.  

Jake (the slimmer version)


and another couple of updates on Spice, the King Charles Spaniel  - memorial portrait

More background colour in place here - the lines round the edge are masking tape.    Yet again, its raining this afternoon so I'm struggling to photograph the progress pics.    

I've used lots of blues and mauves to 'lift' the black coat.   In reality the colours are much more subtle than they appear here

So, just waiting to hear what my client thinks so far.   

I'm doing my usual volunteer job at Pilgrims Hospice eBay office tomorrow but hope to finish this portrait on Thursday and then I can really have a proper springclean and get rid of the pastel dust that is coating everything in my studio at the moment.   Once I have a clean working area again I'll put the finishing touches to the coloured pencil drawings ready to be shipped next month to Patching Art Centre (UKCPS Annual International Exhibition).


  1. They are lovely. I wish I could even begin to draw something.

  2. the ears on the springer are great :D perfect texture for them :)

  3. My DH just came in and saw these and said, "Wow! She's good!" I told him you definitely were!

    I do have a question about the viewer's right eye of KCS - is it an injury or just the way it looks in this photo?

    When you finish with your studio, will you come do mine? lol!

  4. Thank you to the '3 Js' lol

    Hi Jan. The eye looks like that in all the refs - the 'white' area is brown, but I am waiting feedback from my client - she may want it lightened or something.

  5. Your work is beautiful, I just love the way you've captured the fur! My favorite is Jake.

  6. You capture the look of the animals so well. We see two Sicilian Donkeys who live across the street at the horse farm, whose favorite treat is peppermint candies. They would be perfect candidates for portraits with their coloring and long, soft ears -- sigh.

  7. Belated thanks to Kendra and Tasha? for your lovely comments. All dogs (and the horse) are with their owners in the UK and Singapore now so I can breathe a sigh of relief.

    Hi Lene. Long time no 'see' hope you are well and still being creative


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