Saturday, 13 July 2013

13/07: SLIP SLIDIN AWAY .....

Its been a hectic week fitting in visits to the Mums and extra time at our voluntary jobs with Pilgrims Hospice (to cover for Volunteers' holidays) and helping out at a bit tournament at our Bowls Club today.  So although I'm pleased to report that all the recent commissions arrived safely - Sussex and Singapore, I've got no new arty work to show at the moment ... may have to resort to posting some oldies to fill the gaps over the next couple of weeks LOL

Anyway, we got everything done in the nick of time and we're off early tomorrow for our flight to Fuerte.   I got some housework done - just enough so the house-sitters don't think I'm a total slob LOL

Living at the coast we get a lot of gulls in the area - they are very noisy birds!   They tend to gather on a neighbour's roof, seeming to like it as its the tallest house around ... but I had to laugh at this one's attempts to walk along the edge of ours tonight:

Those webbed feet just aren't built for tightrope walking

hence the title of this post, and now I can't stop humming Paul Simon's song


  1. lol at the gull. lots of crows around here starting to leave the nest, and they are very loud :/

  2. Funny bird.

    Have a great time in Fuerte.

  3. Just got back from Florida and hope you're safely settled back in Fuerte!

  4. hi ladies
    yep we're enjoying the sunshine here on Fuerte.
    Not exactly restful so far as there was a public holiday/fiesta yesterday - lots of fun though!


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