Saturday, 20 July 2013


Well, what can I say ..... some parts of the UK have hotter weather than we are experiencing in the Canaries although we have a lovely sea breeze here on Corralejo (its known as the windy island).      Our house-sitters in England report that temperatures in Whitstable are much lower than those we keep reading about in the rest of the UK - the East Coast is much cooler.

This last week has been noisy and busy in Corralejo.    Fiestas del Carmen celebrates the town's patron saint and there have been all sorts of games/processions/fireworks taking place each day including an all night dance locally which we didn't attend (being old and boring) but which we could hear from our house and finally stopped at 6am.

Tuesday was the day that the statue of 'Our Lady Carmen' was carried through the streets then taken out on a boat to sea where the procession followed in whatever would float on water - all sorts of small boats and inflatables were dressed up with flags and flowers and filled with as much beer and and as many people as they could safely carry it seems.    Total mayhem with music blasting all day and fireworks going off - to hell with Health & Safety !!    We watched the fun from the comfort of a beach bar with a nice jug of champagne sangria ... tough life

a few photos ... I did take some short videos which capture the atmosphere better but I can't get the sound to work - may just be the travel computer playing up but I won't know till we get home.

too much excitement for this local



Jan said...

Was wondering when we'd hear from you! Yep, tough life, indeed! Glad you're having decent weather even if it's not exactly normal. Thanks for the pics, too - looks as if Fuerte is celebrating something all the time!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

looks really busy!!

Polly Birchall said...

You have surpassed yourself. These drawings are so lifelike!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo said...

Looks bloody dangerous to me, although the water looks beautiful. I would have gone to the dance for a while and I am much older than you two.

I remember taking part in a fiesta in Spain, we had a great time.

Sue Clinker said...

Afraid its a bit toooo noisy and busy for my liking. We've not been out here in July (Spanish holidays) before and probably won't again!

Ha ha - yep my cps skills are improving Polly!