Monday, 24 December 2012


Well its been such a nasty day weatherwise we haven't felt like walking or doing anything outdoors.
I started this portrait today.

Originally I was going to work in graphite pencil on Mellotex paper but following a recent 'discussion' with fellow Blogger Laura Hardie about using coloured pencils on Canson Mi Teinte paper I rooted out my Canson pack that hasn't seen the light of day for a couple of years (I got disenchanted with the paper after discovering Pastelmat and Fisher 400 which I much prefer).

So I thought I'd have a play on an off-white shade of Mi Teinte and give the drawing a sepia look.  The paper isn't quite as dark as it looks here (joys of photographing under artificial light).   This is where I left off when it got dark (about 4pm). 

Jury is still out but I'm enjoying it so far.  I am 'colouring' the background also so it looks a bit disjointed just now.    If I mess up, then its back to Graphite - I don't have to have it finished till mid-January so there's time to change my mind.

I'm using a selection of coloured pencils - Derwent Studio, Van Gogh and Caran D'ache Prismalos because these are slightly harder than the Prismacolors and I hope they won't 'soak into' the paper as much - which is the problem I was discussing with Laura.   So far, so good!

The next 'human' portrait has 5 subjects so will be a real challenge.  I'm just waiting to hear whether my client wants to change the photo of one of the subjects so we can settle on the composition.   That will be one for after the holidays!

So have a brilliant holiday everyone  :-)


Jo said...

Looks good so far Sue. Attractive looking couple.

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Eve and have a good day tomorrow. I know you aren't very Christmassy. I love this season though.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo
They are a lovely couple - she's Austrian and very blonde. He's Spanish and very dark so a striking couple.
This will be a gift for their first wedding anniversary.

Enjoy the holiday :-)

Jan/ said...

Great start, Sue! Is this the wedding couple? They're both very attractive and I'm sure your portrayal of them will be perfect.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jan
Yes, after many years of 'living in Sin' as she describes it, they got married in 2012.

They are a lovely couple and this will be an early 1st Anniversary Gift (Paper).

I've never attempted a Sepia picture before and am wondering if I should have started it in pastels ... but having got this far I'll carry on for another session or two - kind of making it up as I go along!!

Peter Williams said...

That's looking good so far Sue. I have a double portrait commission to do too but I'm not brave enough to try the coloured pencils, I'm sticking to graphite. The last CP one I tried ended up looking like Freddie Kruger....can't seem to get the smooth skin tones.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Peter
I just wanted to try something a bit different here ... but not quite sure yet.
I'm much more comfortable with 4 legged subjects
Looking forward to seeing your graphite portrait soon

Laura said...

Looks great Sue and good to see your giving Canson another go. I'm actually considering buying more of the sandy coloured sheets as I'm liking it so much just now though my next cp piece will be on Fisher 400 - been wanting to try this paper with cp's for long enough.

Really hope you manage to flatten the paper as would be a shame to not keep this drawing - keeping everything crossed xx