Friday, 7 December 2012


After the snow/ice we had on Wednesday, today saw torrential rain and high wind and grey, gloomy sky.  I've had the daylight bulbs working all day but really don't enjoy drawing under those conditions.    Not a huge amount of progress on the horse but I called a halt to work and emailed a photo to my client for consideration.   Working from a variety of ref photos I need to know I've got the marking placed correctly and, of course, there's the consideration of the forelock and how much eye (if any) can be shown.

This is photographed under artificial light so the colour is a bit bleached ...

and more rodent rants .... despite the horrible weather today the squirrels were on a mission to get into the rustic peanut feeder David bought yesterday .... I wouldn't have believed they could chew through wire so easily ... I'd have expected them to work on the rope first but they are very enterprising.  They've almost demolished the bottom strip of wire mesh

and enjoying his ill-gotten gains

We are heading off to our home on Fuerteventura on Sunday for a few days so you'll be pleased to know there won't be any more squirrel posts for a while - unless our house-sitters decide  to forward some photos to me LOL

David spent a day at the Pilgrims Hospice eBay office today (where we both do voluntary work on Wednesdays).  He came home with one of these each for us - a home-made gift from the Office Manageress.   Cute isn't it?

There are chocolates and sweets inside so I wonder how long it will be before David has finished his and started on mine as I haven't got a sweet tooth?   I might just eat the little chocolate snowman from the outside stocking though :-)

My next post will be from somewhere around 25 degrees warmer than here (not that I'm gloating) ... we won't necessarily have sunshine as the weather has been a little 'iffy' recently but so long as its warm I really don't mind cloud or a few showers!


Jo said...

Love the horse. Didn't know squirrels could get through wire like that. Incredible. Don't have a sweet tooth eh, you could have sent them to me LOL.

Enjoy your getaway, gonna be there for Christmas?

Sue Clinker said...

No - just there for 10 days and home for Christmas/New Year.

hmuxo said...

Enjoy your time away, Sue!!! The horse painting is truly beautiful.! My husband made a bird house last year...this year we saw a squirrel's head pop out from it. She made the hole much bigger and is living in her new home!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

25 degrees warmer!? i swear i don't take up that much space or make a lot of noise, you wouldn't even notice i was there ;p

have a good time :)

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Hilda. Thanks for looking in. I have hung a few bird houses around the garden and really hope the squirrels don't take over!

Jennifer, the forecasts (which vary from site to site) seem to average out around 23deg most days. Those are shade temperatures so in the sun and protected from Fuerteventura's famous breezes it could be closer to 30 degrees at times.

What I'm looking forward to most is the longer days. No time difference between UK and Canaries but sunset is around 7.30 (not 4.15 as it is here)

I'll be thinking of you LOL

Jo said...

One thing with birdhouses we built ours on top of plastic pipe so the squirrels couldn't shin up them.

Sue Clinker said...

Good idea Jo. Might try that with a birdtable but it will have to be far enough away from fences/trees that the squirrels can't jump on it - they hurl themselves quite a distance

I had the bright idea of taking the peanuts out and putting a layer of fatballs at the bottom with nuts on top. My thinking was if the squirrels could only get fatballs from the bottom of the feeder it would be easier to take them from the normal fatball feeders and leave this one alone

But ... no. The little s*ds have now stripped most of the wood from the frame so its only a matter of hours before the whole lot collapses.

Obviously we can't have anything 'pretty' now - it will have to be metal and industrial (and possibly wired to the mains at this rate)!!