Sunday, 23 December 2012


Are you all prepared??   4 days and it will all be over for another year .....

David and I aren't Christmassy people - hate all the hype!   We will have a quiet day at home by ourselves on Christmas Day but will visit/entertain family for a couple of days from Boxing Day.   We haven't even put the tree up this year!   We did our food shopping on Friday and apart from forgetting the prawns for the Boxing Day starter I think we came through it all relatively stress-free!

This afternoon I did a bit of work on the horse portrait but will need to get a better photo in daylight tomorrow to email to my client - this is the best I could achieve under artificial light.   Manny's 'mum' agreed I could show his eye so just need to find out if she is happy with this.     Manny has been clipped out and I think his whiskers have also been clipped so I haven't added them (yet)

Once he is finished and approved its onto the human subjects ...

I'll probably fit in another post before Christmas but, if not, I wish all my e-friends and fellow Bloggers a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year.


  1. Looks great, whatever the light.

  2. i'm not a xmas person either, way too commercial for me.

    the horse looks good, def. needed the eye. makes him look like a very happy horse :)

  3. The horse looks really good so far...hope you have a great 2013!
    (Quiet and simple is my kind of Christmas)

  4. It came out great in spite of the poor refs! We wish you and David all the best this Christmas and a wonderful, prosperous New Year!


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