Monday, 22 October 2012


Apologies for sporadic artwork postings.  I have almost finished the brown Border Collie but just couldn't get a decent photograph tonight.  Will try again in daylight tomorrow and send it to my client for approval re. colour etc.   If all OK will then add final touches, ie whiskers and call it finished.

As my friends already know, I'm a bit of a technophobe so have enlisted hubby's help in putting together a small selection of ideas/mock-up for the Black & White Border triple Collie portrait.  I really should make time to learn more about Photoshop/PaintNet etc.     Having visited and photographed the 'main' collie,  I have lots of detail for her, and her owner has confirmed which profile she prefers, but I need to add cameos of the previous two dogs and the ref photos are very small so I'm struggling with detail.      Will leave it up to my client to decide which style she prefers then I can start work on it by the weekend.

After the Collies, I will be working on two legged subjects - all for Christmas Presents.

So tomorrow I hope to post the latest update on the Brown Collie.

Here on the Kent Coast it has been foggy and wet all day - hence my difficulty in getting decent photos.   But the gloomy/wet weather really highlighted all the beautiful works of art created by our native spiders ..... I had a wander round the garden this morning and photographed about 20 webs which had all been created overnight/early hours of this morning.    When I get my new camera I'll probably improve on these, but here are a few of my favourites

Obviously these have been scaled down a bit for Blogger, but if you enhance/enlarge the pictures, the detail is just fantastic... How do they do that????   and the moisture/fog in the air has added little water droplets which looked so pretty.  

Enough waffling .... hopefully will have some more arty stuff tomorrow


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

natural works of art :D great shots

Jo said...

Definitely natural works of art, they really are quite beautiful when you stop and truly look at them. Unless you accidentally walk into one of course.

Katherine Thomas said...

That is one amazing web! wow! I'm glad you're posting your progress, as sporadic as you may think, I enjoy reading anything you post! I'll look forward to the border collie piece!

Jan/ said...

These are beautiful and I can't imagine a new camera capturing them any better! You'll have to let us know what camera you get and give us a good review of it.

You really do need to learn how to do composites, etc. on the computer as it really saves so much time in the end. It's not that hard even for an avowed technophobe!

Hurry and start the b/w collie - am looking forward to it!