Monday, 8 October 2012


Well, its only quiet as the cough/sore throat which has been plaguing me for a couple of weeks returned with a vengeance last night and I've pretty much lost my voice today.   I'm doing what all the 'experts' say I mustn't do, I'm self-medicating with a course of antibiotics prescribed as a 'precaution' on holiday recently ... so fingers crossed the 'bug' will be short lived although David probably hopes the opposite LOL

Otherwise its been far from quiet - lots going on

Jazz was finished and approved - she'll be wending her way to N. Ireland very soon.  Here she is complete with final whiskers and wispy bits of mane etc.    Actually it doesn't look much different to the previous post but I think the colour is more true here

The double jack-russell terrier portrait has been pushed back a little as it isn't urgent and I have a couple more commissions with deadlines to meet - all border collies. 

 One is a beautiful 'red' colour which I think is correctly referred to as chocolate (need to check that) and I have received some lovely clear ref. pictures which is always a treat.   I believe this is to be a surprise so may not be able to show WIP photos on my Blog for a few weeks - will check.

The other is a gift voucher redemption for one black/white Collie.  I've been asked to 'upgrade' this to a larger size and include cameos of the owner's 2 previous collies.  Sadly as often happens they don't have clear ref photos so I'm liaising with them now to see what we can do. 

Saturday was the UK Coloured Pencil Society's AGM, Society Lunch and the Private View of works in the 11th Annual Int'l Exhibition at Nuneaton.   We had a lovely time and the standard of the works on display was better than ever.

A big disappointment was that the Gallery wouldn't allow labels to be displayed on the walls giving brief descriptions of the pictures, titles, reasons for selecting the subjects etc., instead each picture was numbered and there was a very brief note about each picture in a printed Guide.   I didn't manage to get one of the guides so all the photos I took are anonymous until such time as the pictures appear on the UKCPS website where some background data will be added.   I'd really have liked to know a little more about many of the pictures - particularly the ones that had been varnished rather than framed under glass as that could prevent many mailing headaches for future exhibition/commission works.    Apart from that - its a really great display and well worth a visit if you're in the vicinity of Nuneaton Museum & Gallery.   The exhibition runs until 25 November.

It was very difficult to avoid glare/reflection on the glass so I'm afraid these photos really don't do justice to the exhibits - but just an idea of what can be achieved with the 'humble' pencil - I have lots more, but this will do for now ... must get on with some work.


Jan/ said...

Thanks for the photos of the finished Jazz (beautiful!) and also the photos of the entries at UKCPS Exhibition at Nuneaton. You're right, there is some outstanding work here and none more so than yours. I like the framed "Reflectivity" very much. The frame echos the "pattern" of the cat painting which I think ties everything together very well.

sue said...

Aw Jan you're too kind. Made me blush LOL
I'll be posting a few more pics from the exhibition soon - and probably making a comment about mount/mat/framing

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lots of nice work on the walls :)

oooh looking forward to the border collie pieces :D red, brown, chocolate, there are many names for the colour :)

sue said...

Hi Jennifer
Forgot that your 'sky' is a Border Collie.

Although I'll be starting on the red/brown/chocolate collie first I won't post anything till I get the OK from my client.

The black/white collies - main subject is called Skye (spelt with an E) but still waiting to sort out ref photos for this

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

its actually spelt with and "e" on all her vet docs lol just never spell it that way. there are a lot of border collies around here named skye

Jo said...

Lovely pictures, I am fascinated by what can be achieved with pencils. Never been able to draw anything so I have every admiration for you and the other artists.