Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Jazz's mum is happy with the portrait and asked me to add a tree/sky type background to the portrait. 

Here's where I finished today ... again the photo is not good but at the critical time the sky clouded over and it poured down with rain - before I had time to take in the two lots of washing I'd hung on the line and which was nearly dry thanks to the breezy weather!    So rain stopped play on all counts today.

Anyway, if approved at this stage all I need to do is 'touch up' the pastel on Jazz and add final whiskers and stray mane hairs etc to help her stand out against the dark background.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

she looks great :) want to reach out and touch it, but since its pastels i wouldnt :p

poured rain here too :/ thankfully didn't hang the clothes out and i was in the car while john took sky for a walk :p

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

It looks great, Sue and it's phenomenal that you finished that background in such a short time. I'm sure the customer will be thrilled.
Sorry about your laundry!