Friday, 19 October 2012


A little more progress ... on the brown Border Collie.

Its been a horrible rainy, dreary day and despite having the daylight bulb lamps on I've struggled and not got quite as far as I'd hoped.   Better to stop now than risk looking at this in daylight tomorrow and realising I've used the wrong colours.    Colours are distorted slightly because of the gloom!

Late afternoon:

Early afternoon


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you are doing such a good job with the fur :D
i hate when the light changes, makes finishing a drawing a pain sometimes

Jan/ said...

I could have sworn I posted to your first pics of the brown collie but I see I haven't.

He's looking good and I'm sure you have the colors right.

Did you get your photos of the other BC?

Glad your MIL is doing well.

Rejo John said...

Wow! Really gud!! How many hours did u work on this piece?

sue said...

Thanks Jennifer. Its my fault - I should have upgraded my daylight lamps. Peter Barker (brilliant artist) recommended a particular brand last year which he swears by. I really did intend to buy them but somehow didn't get round to it. The two I use aren't matched, although they are good brands, so one half of my work looks more blue than the other LOL!

Hi Jan. Thanks :-)
Yes I got several photos of the black/white collie and have sent a selection to the client so she can decide which angle/profile she prefers. Then I'll be able to work out how to incorporate the other two cameos into the portrait.

sue said...

Hello Rejo
Thanks for commenting - much appreciated.
Because of family commitments my time at the drawing board has been disjointed recently and I haven't kept proper records of the time. I would estimate about 8-9 hours in total to get to this stage. I need to make colour adjustments and add more fine hairs etc so will probably spend another 3 hours to complete the portrait.

Jo said...

Looks pretty good to me Sue.

Karen Hull said...

Sue yout pet portraits are always incredible and your blog is also a fascinating read even if you take away the art - there is never a dull moment in your life and thank you for sharing - you are inspiring!!! :)