Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I started work last week on this lovely dog, determined to work systematically,  finishing each small area before moving on to the next.   I think its kinder to the clients to show them small sections which are 'perfectly formed' rather than larger sections of 'underpainting' - leading to that 'ugly' stage that drawings/paintings go through before the final details are added - tends to alarm them LOL. 

But ... I'm afraid old habits die hard and before long I'd started 'flitting' and moving to areas that interested me more.  So I've really been concentrating on blocking in areas of colour to identify the facial contours and areas of reflected light/shadow.   It may not be the accepted way to work, but its what suits me and always seems to come right in the end!

I'm working on Fisher 400 sanded paper which takes lots of layers ... and I'm certainly incorporating lots of colours into the coat.   This dog has fabulous colouring!

Everything is a little exaggerated at the moment and will be blended and adjusted later on. 

David and I went to our 'voluntary' job today, working at the Pilgrims Hospice eBay office.   We have missed a couple of sessions whilst dealing with Mum-in-law's care following her fall and are very conscious that although we are volunteers, we have a responsibility to the charity to make up as many hours as possible to ensure they don't lose income - they need every penny and its a great cause.

Tomorrow we will be travelling to London again to see MIL's  consultant as its now 5 weeks since her fall and we're hoping for good news re. her progress.   At 94 years young it takes longer for broken bones to heal but she's a very determined lady and has been following doctor's orders so ... fingers crossed!

On the way home we'll  visit my horse (another old lady who isn't very well) then on to 'meet' Skye, the next Border Collie commission.   I plan to take more photos to help me with the portrait.  The forecast is for rain showers tomorrow but I'm hoping we'll get the chance to take photos outside in natural light - always the best option.

So my next session at the drawing board is Friday when I hope to get a lot more work done as I have the whole day free with no commitments.   Can't wait!!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

this is looking great. those eyes are wonderful!

Jo said...

Coming along nicely.

Hope your MIL is doing OK.

Anonymous said...

Looking good Sue, love those colour collies very striking! Hope the news is all good re mum in law.

Lene said...

awesome looking dog ;)

sue said...

Thanks Ladies
Looking forward to an uninterrupted day of art tomorrow.
MIL making good progress but won't be running any marathons in the near future :-)

Jo said...

Really? You do surprise me!!!