Friday, 27 July 2012

27/07: FUN TIME

I don't usually take my camera to firework displays as the photos are usually disappointing but last night I made an exception.

We walked to 'Reeves Yard' Beach in Whitstable and were truly amazed at the crowds - Whitstable is very fashionable and this time of year gets swamped with DFLs (Down from London's as the locals jokingly call them).  Our beaches are shingle but visitors come to sample Whitstable Oysters and seafood and the High Street was recently voted the most diverse in the UK with no big chains - just lots of arts/crafts and traditional fishmongers, greengrocers, cheese and wine shops etc.   I much prefer the place when its less busy in the 'low' season but appreciate that its tourists' money that keeps Whitstable quaint and able to survive the quiet months ... can't have it all ways!

We found a place to sit on a groyne whilst waiting for the show to start.  In case you're wondering a groyne is a low wall built out from the coast into the sea, to prevent the repeated movement of the waves from removing parts of the land - a breakwater.  We have miles of them along our stretch of the coast. 

I'm not reknown for my patience with children and two young lads were practising their Olympics long jump (hop skip jump) technique on the beach in front of us, kicking up showers of pebbles every time they landed and crashing into people patiently waiting for the fireworks.  Mummy and Daddy were oblivious of course and I was just contemplating whether I could improve the boys' propulsion with a swift kick to the backside when the first firework went off - thus solving my dilemma :-)

We just missed the sunset (they are usually spectacular in Whitstable) but here's a few pics - I quite like having the outline of heads in the foreground.  The fireworks were launched from a small boat out at sea.


I think this is where I changed the camera setting - it didn't suddenly get dark in 2 seconds!

and I think this is my favourite - it has a sort of Sepia effect don't you think?

David thought he deserved a reward after his 'long' walk .... so we headed for the Ship Centurion a Whitstable pub which is a favourite with the locals and not quite as full of 'tourists' as many.   The local beer (from Shepherd Neame Brewery) is cheaper here and the pub always has a few guest ales.   There was live music (single guitar playing singer and backing tracks from 60s and 70s) so the place was packed solid.  The music was brilliant and a great finish to the evening.

We've had no rain for a week now and it makes such a huge difference - we remember why we chose to live at the seaside and everyone is smiling it seems :-)



Jan/ said...

Great photos, Sue! It's hard to get good photos of fireworks sometimes but yours are great.
Thanks for posting all the photos and history of the area - it makes it so nice to be able to learn about different areas and their customs.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

those are great photos! :D

i have no patience for children, i really don't, but they seem to be drawn to me :p i have no problems with kids that are just playing and when they cause a problem don't start swearing back at you when you ask them to stop, its the ones that start cursing and threatning you that i really can't stand. and with kids like that, the parents don't care. there are a few really good kids in the area, they play like kids do but don't wreck things.yeah i do hear them swear a few tims but if they see me, they apologise. and then you have about 60% other kids who break things, paint with paint cans on walls, steal..etc. just learn from there parents, or lack of parent :/ my mom would have grounded me for months if had of done even half of what these kids do, and that meant sitting in my room doing homework and no art supplies :p well that got off topic lol

Anonymous said...

Love the photos Sue,had to laugh at the "swift kick up the backside" comment, I do so sympathise!

sue said...

Thanks Jan
I'm not a fan of fireworks really but don't mind these organised displays (especially over water) where everyone knows what time they'll go off and exactly where ... so can protect their pets/animals. I hate the days/weeks around 5 November (Guy Fawkes) when fireworks are let off by 'Joe Public' any place any time it seems.

sue said...

Thanks Jennifer and Vic

Yep well behaved kids and animals are wonderful ... It wasn't just my mum that could punish/ground us but my friends' mums weren't averse to dishing out smacks if we were naughty at their houses. Didn't do us any harm and we certainly had much more respect for other people and property!

Jo said...

Did well with the pix Sue, not easy to obtain. I am famous for my dislike of kids, primarily because they are so badly behaved. English kids used to be OK, but by the sound of it, not now. The thing I seem to attract is squalling babies. If there is one anywhere, they ALWAYS end up next to me.