Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I am busy working on commissions (honest) but can't show any progress pictures just yet .....  

Just thought I'd share this picture of what we found in a small cupboard in the hallway when we got back from holiday.  

My love of animals doesn't extend to spiders I'm afraid so this family were evicted pretty quickly.    But it did prompt me to find out more about these creatures ... thank heavens for Google.

Appears that this is a female daddy longlegs spider (Pholcus phalangioides)  otherwise known as a cellar spider or vibrating spider because of its habit of vibrating rapidly to make itself blurred and difficult to focus on if it feels threatened.   It has 8 eyes.     I've also learned that perhaps I shouldn't have evicted her as these spiders actually prey on other (larger) spiders and household pests.   Oooops too late!!  


Jan/ said...

Hehe, Sue. Spiders aren't favorites of many people and I don't think you'll be criticized for not wanting them in your house!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

creepy :p spiders live here as long as they don't bite me, then its outside right away

sue said...

Hi Jan. I guess this type of spider isn't too scary, but I really can't stand the fat ones with hair legs and hobnail boots!!

I don't think I've ever been bitten by a spider Jennifer ... sounds horrible!!

I can cope with most creatures thanks to my younger brother always having kept snakes, iguanas and the like. and I think mice are pretty cute generally ... but I don't think anything will every make me think spiders are pretty or would make good pets

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

dad is deathly allergic to spiders, so in his house they die as soon as someone sees one. bees are the same way, saw him stung by a bee, it wasn't pretty :/