Tuesday, 3 July 2012

03/07: WHAT?!!!

Apologies for the 'missing' post on my Blog .... I have submitted my entries for the UKCPS Open Int'l Exhibition and posted photos of the entries.  Then I thought perhaps it isn't a good idea to show the entries before the closing date which is Saturday - nothing in the rules to say I can't ... but better to be safe than sorry, so I removed the post.

Instead, here's some pictures taken 'down on the farm'.   My retired horse Roxy lives very happily at Warrigal Farm near Darenth in Kent.  It isn't a working farm - its a livery yard which also has a few sheep, geese, cats & dogs and lots of off-road riding around the neighbouring fields.    Its a happy yard and all the animals get on well together so when I moved away from the area I made the decision to leave Roxy there (on full livery) as to move her to a new home closer to me would be like uprooting a little old lady from all she knows and loves.  The downside is that I only get to visit her once or twice a week but I know she is in excellent hands and Clare the Yard owner loves Roxy like her own!

I have a love/hate relationship with the Geese .... at this time of year they are cantankerous and very hissy and aggressive.   They have a big bathing pond but don't always like sharing so there are also lots of smaller baths scattered around so they can have 'individual' dips:

I was quite pleased with this series of photos I took of one of the 'bathing beauties' - but she doesn't look too happy about being watched does she ...

and Roxy couldn't understand why I'd abandoned her by the woodchip store just to take photos of bl**dy geese!   I'd just removed Roxy's rainsheet and neck cover, hence her messed up mane - a real 'bad hair' day for her!

Perhaps a better caption would be 'does my b*m look big in this???

Yes ...... it does :-)


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

I am definitely not fond of geese nor of roosters but Roxy's butt does not look big! lol You can reassure her that she looks good.

I will never forget what my elderly neighbor said when I bought one of those really stocky looking quarter horses after just having my young TWHxQH filly for about a year. Anyway, the old man came over and said, "Well, I see you finally got a horse with a butt to match your own!" Needless to say, he wasn't one of my favorite people!

We'll look forward to your UKCPS entry photos at a later date, Sue and I'm sure we won't be disappointed!

sue said...

Why do old men think they can get away with saying things like that LOL :-)

Roxy is very old and grey now but is still the matriach in the mare's field!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i can still see your art on my feed reader ;) its very nice :)

and i have seen so many older horses sold at auction to the meat buyers when their owner gets tired of taking care of an old horse, that its nice to see a happy old horse :D nothing wrong with the older horses, make good lawn ornaments :)

sue said...

Roxy's been with me longer than either husband (as I keep telling David when he asks how MUCH LONGER does Roxy intend to go on) LOL

She's determined to get her telegram from the Queen!!