Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I photographed this scruffy looking Robin in our Garden - it appears that robins have started to moult earlier this year for some reason and usually they hide themselves away till they regain tail feathers etc - not sure if they're embarrassed or just feel more vulnerable when moulting.

Obviously the sunshine drew this chap out although he was very subdued.  Lets hope they all get back to normal soon as I do miss the robins singing happily in the back and front gardens. 


Jo said...

Poor little bird, he does look miserable doesn't he? Maybe its all the rain.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

they look angry most of the time, this one looks angry and miserable, poor bird

Sharon Whitley said...

bless him! Definitely not as scruffy as the blue tit though, they do look funny when they are going through this process poor things! thanks for sharing the link!