Wednesday, 18 July 2012


As usual on a Wednesday, David and I have spent the day at the Pilgrims Hospice eBay office photographing, describing and listing the 'nicer' items which are donated to the Hospice Charity shops in the County - this ensures they reach a larger target audience and increase the Charity's income.   Sitting in front of the computer for 7 or 8 hours is more tiring/draining  it seems than going out for healthy exercise!! 

As always I had the camera with me today and finally got round to photographing a local sight I pass several times a week but have never stopped for ....    David was driving tonight so he obligingly pulled over to let me take these shots.

I remember first glimpsing these figures in the treetops when driving past a couple of years ago ... then when the trees were cut back a little I noticed the dog in the 'shovel' with the 'men'.   It was some months later that David (hubby) pointed out that the 'dog' was in fact a pig!!!!    Somebody obviously has a sense of humour here ....

and its raining again here in Kent ..... I think Summer has definitely been cancelled for 2012!


Jan/ said...

Bummer on the rain and lack of summer but the photos are tops! Do you know the reasoning behind the figures? Perhaps just to draw attention/advertising?

Jo said...

Is it a real pig?

You can have some of our summer, we are praying for rain here. The heat is pretty dreadful. I feel desperately sorry for anyone with air conditioning, ours isn't central air which means the bedrooms are quite hot.

Hope it stops raining for the Games.

sue said...

Hi ladies
Strange world isn't it ... you're both suffering from very high Summer temperatures and we're struggling with rain, floods and temperatures more suited to early Spring!

Forecasters are 'cautiously optimistic' that drier warmer weather will return next week so London and the South East should improve in time for the games. The Olympic Torch is being carried through Margate and Faversham today - close to us but I'm not sure I can raise enough enthusiasm to take a look (not really a fan of the UK Olympics).

These 'models' have been at the side of the road for years and I think its just British eccentricity - but a great advert for the tree surgeons isn't it?

Jo said...

What a dingbat, I didn't look at the figure in the cherry picker, just the pig. I have now realised he isn't real either!!! I can't believe I was that stupid.

Still no rain, getting like Australia.