Monday, 28 February 2011


Apologies for absence ... I'm having treatments for the spine/nerve problem 3 times per week but am still having sleepless nights and feeling slightly sub-human. Apparently it will take 12 months + to 'put me right' but hopefully the immediate 'trapped nerve' problem can be resolved in a week or so.

Anyway, I finally put the finishing touches to the beautiful cat I worked on last week. The portrait has been approved and the recipient will be brought to Whitstable to collect her birthday gift in person ... hope she's pleased with it (!!)

I'm now working on another birthday commission.  It isn't actually required until May but in my current 'restless' frame of mind it is great to have something I can pick up and put down without any time constraints.  It is a double 'people' portrait in coloured pencil on pastelmat paper but I haven't asked permission to show progress reports on my Blog so it will stay under wraps for the moment.   

I am awaiting reference photos for the next two animal commissions - one is a pony and one a dog.   They will both be completed in pastel and I know I can post photos along the way as they aren't intended as surprise presents. I really find it helps me to focus when I post work in progress photos .... keeps me on my toes :o)

I've got another wildlife picture in the pipeline also ... time permitting I'd like to submit it to the UK Coloured Pencil Society Spring Exhibition at Keswick ... but not sure whether I'll have it completed in time for the deadline .... fingers crossed!


pett paintings said...

Hi Sue, sorry to hear that you've been feeling below par :-( hope the treatment soon gets to the seat of the problem!
Just as well you have some work to take your mind off it although you won't be surprised to hear that I don't envy you the people portrait LOL
Love this sweet little cat and am sure her owner will be overjoyed with her birthday surprise :-)
Get well soon xxx

Dors said...

Fabulous job on the cat.. I'm sure they will be pleased Sue. It's beautiful.

Hope you get relief from the pain soon.

Pauline said...

Beautiful Sue, I'm sure it will be loved. Hope you get some ease for your trapped nerve soon.

Gillian said...

That is purrfect. I'm certain the recipient will be delighted with it. Those eyes!

Good luck with the back treatment. I can empathise, having had a herniated disc myself, a few years back. x

Jan said...

So glad to see that you're back, Sue, & hope working won't aggravate the sore nerve. It sounds as if you have a full plate!

The cat is beautiful and it's bound to be well received by the lucky recipient.

sue said...

Thanks everyone ... its one of those unfortunate facts of growing older - things take longer to heal/sort out but I've had another session of 'adjustment' and deep massage and traction this morning so they're doing their best to get me sorted asap.

I've been advised not to draw for a few days but I'll end up climbing the walls if I don't have something to occupy me .. so I'll compromise and ensure I don't sit at the 'drawing board' for more than 30 minutes at a time.

Kendra said...

Beautifully done. I could just run my fingers through the cat's fur! The recipient will love it for sure.

"JeanneG" said...

No drawing? That's like saying to cut your hands off. Gotta draw. Beautiful finish to the cat. She will love it. I have loved watching it come to life. Glad you are back to post and hope you feel better soon.

Gary Keimig said...

sorry to hear of your health issues. Havin a few of them myself over last 6 years I sypathise with you. Is that a word? Great cat portrayal. Love it.