Thursday, 10 February 2011


We got home from our 'working holiday' in Fuerteventura last night - we're having building work done at our holiday home but because of adverse weather conditions in the first week, and one of the builders being sick, we didn't manage to get everything finished this trip so will have to continue the final decorating stages in March when we return.   Since arriving home it seems as though I have been 'glued' to my computer in an effort to catch up.   Whilst away I was able to view my emails (if they didn't have attachments) but the signal wasn't strong or consistent enough to let me access my blog or favourite websites.  So I've had over 500 emails to trawl through today and, fingers crossed, I've sorted most of them out now.  

Many thanks to my Blogger friends who contacted me during the last 3 weeks to find out if I was OK.   I apologise for not making it clear I would be away but its nice to know some of you missed me :o)   I hope to catch up with all your emails/messages over the next couple of days.

I have a client visiting tomorrow to review progress on a very unusual portrait I agreed to undertake for her.   As its way outside my comfort zone I started it on a 'no obligation' basis.   I'm about halfway through  and its decision time.   If she likes what I've done so far I'll finish the portrait ... if not, we'll call it a day and I'll use it as an exhibition/sample piece.       I'll be in a position to reveal more after tomorrow hopefully.

Then next week I will start work on a beautiful cat portrait ... its a birthday present for completion early March so I won't be able to show WIP photos for a while.

I haven't yet started work on my entries for the UKCPS Spring Exhibition and Society of Feline Artists exhibition .... so it really will be nose to the grindstone for a few weeks now.  

I'm finding it difficult to get motivated though .... this is what we left yesterday (these pictures are taken on the beach path 5 mins walk from our home in Fuerteventura)

Looking left from the beach path towards the town and harbour area

Looking right from the beach path towards the famous Sand Dunes - about 10km of golden sand blown in from the Sahara.  The area has been declared a Natural Park where no building is allowed

In an attempt to dispel the 'post holiday' blues we went for a walk to our local beach at Tankerton/Whitstable this morning ... but our sea was porridge coloured and the sky was grey ... then the drizzle turned to heavy rain which has lasted all day!!    I know where I'd rather be :o)

But I am looking forward to getting busy with the pencils/pastels again tomorrow.  


K. T. Sparks said...

Welcome back to the real world as most of us know it1 You are so fortunate to have a beachy vacation home in a warm climate. You make us all swoon with wishing we were there also. We have 13 inches of snow and our temps were -39 C this morning.....I am ready for warmer weather myself. Glad you have a place to go on grey days but sorry the work did not get completed.

Dors said...

Welcome home Sue. Good to have back into our art blogging.
Love the photos ...thanks so much for sharing. It looks a beautiful place for a holiday home.
Shame you didn't get all done while on your working holiday...

Good luck with the unusual commission. Look forward to seeing your work.

Dors said...

The beach at Whitstable is looking pretty good too. You must both love the sea :)

sue said...

-39C .... I'd definitely have to hibernate! I'm not a cold weather person.

Yes I know we are lucky to have a sunshine home to visit during the English Winter ... but we've worked really hard for it and made some adjustments to our UK lifestyle - downsizing house, sharing one car etc. I'm not sure if we'd ever settle on Fuerteventura permanently as I do like being in England in the warmer Spring/Summer months so - for the moment we have the best of both worlds for as long as we can afford it :o)

Thanks Dors .... I'm still aching. We have been painting high walls/ceilings so lots of unaccustomed stretching and exercise :o)

pett paintings said...

Oh so thats where you've been hiding! your unusual commission sounds mysterious.....looking forward to seeing it once you have your feet firmly back on British ground :-)

sue said...

Hi Kay
I've probably made it sound more mysterious than it is .. but its unusual and a challenge. I'm enjoying it but its something I'm unlikely to do again :o)

Chrissy said...

Wonderful images Sue, for some reason I knew you were away
although I had thought that it had been a while. It looks really lovely. We just sneaked a last minute deal to Tenerife and the temperatures were wonderful. Good to see you back :-)