Saturday, 12 February 2011

12/02: WHO KILLED JASPER PARROTT??? and other stuff!

OK ... the great news is that my client visited yesterday and was very pleased with the work I've done on the 'unusual' portrait.  I have the go-ahead to finish the work which will involve adding a background and generally tidying up the subject.    As I have promised to have it ready for framing next week I won't show pictures yet (it is intended as a belated birthday present for her husband so I'll wait a few days more).

In the absence of Work in Progress pics, I've put together a little Murder Mystery story - its very short as we're walking to the Marine Hotel at Tankerton Beach soon to enjoy a Valentines dance and Buffet.   A friend has started playing guitar (bass I think) in a 60s band and they are getting quite a good reputation.   We've been invited to 2 previous 'gigs' but haven't been around ... so tonight's the night!

So ... one dead Parrot.      Jasper Parrott has lived on our patio wall in Fuerteventura for 7 years but he had to be moved to enable the new patio doors to be fitted.     Within minutes I found him lying by the pool like this with his feet in the air:

Who could have done this dasterdly deed????   .... a clue perhaps? - the killer left clear footprints on the wall when making her escape

and then she came back into the house via the open front door, rubbing up against the furniture and looking as though butter wouldn't melt .....  our neighbour's very cute fluffy white moggy

David took Jasper to the rubbish bin for a ceremonial burial but en route he came up with a more fitting 'final resting place'.   He tucked Jasper securely into the trunk of a palm tree so just head and beak were poking through the palm fronds.   When we passed by the tree in the evening Jasper had gone ... whether to parrot heaven or to somebody else's patio we don't know.    RIP Jasper!


Jennifer Rose said...

what a really pretty kitty :D hmm maybe jasper fell out of the palm tree, fell on someones head and was taken away as evidence? o.0

sue said...

Hmmm ... hadn't thought of that - you could be right :o)

Dors said...

Love your mystery story.
Hope your having a great weekend.

Chrissy said...

Ah but, is Jasper really gone? It sounds to me after his mysterious disappearance that he is not quite dead yet! LOL

sue said...

Thanks Dors - we had a great evening and I'm 'taking it easy' today :o)

Chrissy ... well spotted. Maybe there'll be a sequel (Jasper Parrott II or Revenge of the Parrott)!!

Jan said...

Welcome home, Sue! Know you'd rather be in Fuerteventura still but we're glad you're back.

Too bad about Jasper - he was beautiful. Shame on that neighboring kitty cat!

Hope your night out went well and that the music was good.

And you've really gotten our curiosity up with the "murder" and the mystery project. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the project!

sam said...

Poor Jasper, thats a pretty fellow. I must admit Ive been a bit bad with blogging recently, I hope you had a great holiday and took a bit of time to relax)

Kendra said...

Like your mystery story! The kitty looks too cute and innocent to push Jasper to his death. Glad you found a new spot for him in the palm tree! Hope you enjoyed your holiday.