Monday, 21 February 2011


Well its actually in my left shoulder and arm rather than my neck.    The problem started 12 days ago as a lack of muscle strength in the left arm and has gradually turned to pain, lack of mobility in the arm and tingling fingers.      We had a busy week/weekend so I had to suffer (almost) in silence but having got to the stage where I'm woken about 4am each morning I took myself off to a chiropractic clinic this afternoon and have had lots of tests and X-Rays.  I'll get the results Wednesday morning and will start a course of whatever treatment is recommended.

David (bless) pointed out that as it isn't my drawing (right) arm I can carry on with the commissions.  However, lack of sleep and constant shoulder/arm ache means I'm not really concentrating so I'm having an enforced break until Wednesday.   I'm itching to finish the cat portrait but don't want to risk spoiling it in the final stages.

I'm spending  some time searching through my photo galleries looking for inspiration for exhibition entries.  The UKCPS exhibition rules state that any ref photos used must have been taken by the artist and I've got a huge collection but so far nothing has really excited me ... I've deleted lots and tidied up the files a bit though so its a useful exercise.

I seem to have lots of photos of things I/we thought amusing at the time but then filed away and forgot about.  This was taken whilst waiting to board the car ferry en route to France last Thursday.   The sat nav accurately predicted a huge expanse of blue sea in front of our car (it wasn't sophisticated enough to recognise the huge grey lump of metal as a P&O Ferry.

We travelled on P&Os brand new ship (Spirit of Britain) which came into service a few weeks ago - it was huge but we were disappointed to find that the only comfortable place to sit was the family lounge ... and that was full of over excited children running amok whilst parents looked on fondly!!!!  We couldn't find a quiet and comfortable area at all so looks as though we'll have to upgrade to Club Class if we use this ship again.

To cheer myself up I've just booked onto Mike Sibley's 3 day workshop in August 2011.    He doesn't usually get to my part of the world but this is being staged at Sutton Valence, near Maidstone in Kent, so less than an hour's drive.  

I doubt there are many people who don't know Mike's work ... but just in case here's a link to his Gallery pages.    His graphite drawing skills are second to none and I understand he is an excellent teacher so I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques and, well just everything really!

Sibley Fine Art - Gallery Index


Dors said...

Hi Sue. Your pain in the arm/shoulder and the pins and needles sound like carpal tunnel. That's exactly the symptoms that I had. My Dr diagnosed the carpal tunnel..overuse of the wrist.
It is very painful. I hope you feel better soon with your arm.
I used a wrist brace when not doing anything. to rest it.

Oh you will have a wonderful time at Mikes workshop. I have his book and I would love to do a workshop. He is one of the best.

Take care xx

Jennifer Rose said...

hope the pain goes away soon!

i will never understand why people that have satnavs still manage to fall off of a cliff or into a huge body of water when it can show up like this on the screen. they are either blind as a bat or just pain dumb

K. T. Sparks said...

Dear Sue,
i agree with Dors, it sounds just like what was going on with me when I had carpal tunnel in my hands. It husts so bad when you are trying to sleep that you will be begging to get the surgery! When you start waving your hands in the air at night trying to wake them will be ready. The wrist brace only helped me for awhile. Good luck with your diagnosis and never fear....I had both done within a short time of each other, but hopefully you only have it in one side. Let us know what the chiropractor says and you might have to go on to a medical doctor to fix the problem.

sue said...

Thank you for your good wishes. Yet again I'm pacing the floor at 4am - amputation sounds good right now :o(

Although the symptoms sound similar I'm not sure about carpal tunnel - its my left arm (and I'm right handed).

The chiropractor seems to think I have I have a twist in my spine which has trapped nerve/s in my neck .... but I'll know more on Wednesday when he reviews the XRays. The resultant symptoms are the same though - and its very reassuring to know you've both overcome similar symptoms.

I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself at the moment

Thank you :o)

Sunny said...

I hope you get relief from your pain soon.
Sorry to be behind with my comments, things have been so hectic here and my son is visiting for several days. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day!
Take care.
☼ Sunny
P.S. Yes, I am familiar with Curtis Jere, in fact I thought of his work when I uploaded the seagull picture :)

Vic said...

Hey Sue, I so know how you feel, having got shoulder problems, sleeping can be a real nightmare !I hope you start to get some relief soon.
Mike Sibley is fantastic with the Graphite Pencils,so hope you have a great time and learn plenty.

sue said...

Thanks Sunny - I hope you're having a fun time with your Son ... and that he's coping with all the Snow you have :o)

Cheers Vic .... Mike still has some vacant places on the workshop - perhaps you can persuade your lovely hubby it would make a brilliant birthday pressie :o)

Jan said...

I'm so sorry you're having those dratted physical problems! Hope you can get it fixed quickly.

How fun to be able to attend a workshop with Mike Sibley. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and learn a lot. Let us know how it goes.

sue said...

Hi Jan
I'm very frustrated ... I want to finish the cat, and I have another 2 commissions to start before I can tackle the exhibition stuff .. time's running out!

The workshop isn't till August but I'm really looking forward to it

Chrissy said...

Poor you, I have experienced this through a trapped nerve and it was awful. I fully sympathise and hope that the pain abates soon.