Thursday, 17 February 2011


I'm about halfway through my latest commission - a beautiful long coated cat who shall remain anonymous for the moment.   My client has given permission to show work in progress pics  .. but I'll do that early next week

I recently received some sample Pan Pastels and tools from Colorfin LLC in the USA (many thanks to Berni for her generosity).    I had intended to wait until after I'd finished the current commissions before experimenting with the Pan Pastels ... but I couldn't wait!!  

So here's a picture of the cat's basic outline drawn in white and brown pastel pencil ... then I used the white pan pastel and applicator to 'underpaint' and it provided a fast and efficient layer which is perfect to depict the cat's dense fur - I'm using Sennelier Pastelcard as the base which is a sanded surface and I'm pleased to say that the applicator and sponge stood up well to the challenge - and with very little dust!

I think I can get away with showing this initial stage ... its unlikely the cat will be recognised from this

Now I have permission I'll post more pictures at the weekend - its a beautiful cat with the most amazing eyes.  

We're off to France for the day today (Booze cruise to stock up on wine).  Good old P&O Ferries are offering a return crossing from Dover to Calais for car and up to 9 people for just £19 ... and they are including a case of wine (6 bottles) and a BOGOFF (Buy One Get One Free) breakfast.     Too good an opportunity to miss, living as we do on the coast not too far from Dover!

on Friday we are off to Westminster for another meeting regarding the 10th anniversary celebrations of the UKColoured Pencil Society - the Annual Int'l Exhibition is being staged in London and is going to be a major event requiring lots of planning ... just wish there were more hours in the day sometimes :o)


Jan said...

Have fun today but I imagine you're already on your way if not there already!

So glad you got your pan pastels and the tools too - aren't they amazing?

The cat looks good and I know you appreciate the speed and the coverage.

Kendra said...

Is this the cat that killed Jasper the parrot : ) Its a beautiful start and I look forward to seeing the progress and completion. I envy you for being so close to France that you can go for the day! For wine no less! I am hoping to make a trip to France sometime this year, I have never been.

sue said...

Thanks Jan
I need to give the Pan Pastels a real test but I was very pleased with the quick and easy coverage here and the fact that the applicator was robust enough to cope with sanded paper.

No this isn't Jasper's killer Kendra - this cat is a birthday present commission - very stunning looking cat

Colette Theriault said...

Wow! Sue, this is looking superb! Can't wait for the unveiling! Cheers, Colette

Pauline said...

Looking fab. I was watching a video on pan pastels a few days ago and have definitely decided that they will be on my next pressie list especially after seeing this beautiful cat.

Dors said...

Hi Sue. I must have fallen asleep LOL I didn't realise you were using Pan Pastels.
I have recently been given a couple of samples from Pan Pastels company to try out.
They are a very interesting medium. not having used pastels before. I can see many uses for them alongside CP's.
Love to hear what you think of them.