Sunday, 4 April 2010


Any excuse for a party!!  The Spanish love their Fiestas and Carnivals and the major one on Fuerteventura takes place in March.  It lasts for 12 days with the quieter events taking place throughout the weekdays/nights and the major events at the weekends.  On the final Saturday it ends with a procession through the town of Corralejo and as well as the official floats and dance/drum troupes adhering to the theme (this year it was 'JUNGLE') all the locals and visitors tend to join in too - wearing whatever fancy dress they happen to 'find' in the wardrobe it seems!

Old or Young - its a fun time to be in Corralejo - but expect the unexpected at all times.   It seems to be the norm for men to dress as women - we got coated in talcum powder by a Group of  cross-dressed nurses when walking home from a Quiz in the early hours one morning :o)

After the procession, which takes about 3 hours to travel through town, the open-air party starts at midnight and goes on till about 6am.  Must admit we've never participated in that event

The following evening there is the traditional 'Burial of the Sardine' which entails a huge effigy of a sardine being paraded through town behind a group of grieving/wailing 'widows' dressed in black.    The procession ends up at the Town Beach where (eventually) the Sardine is set alight and when it finishes burning the fireworks start - and they are spectacular.   I believe the meaning behind this tradition is similar to that of our Harvest Festivals.

As if that wasn't enough excitement ...... the annual Blues Festival started a few days later.   Blues singers/groups from around the world appeared throughout the day/night at various venues in Town - both in the open air and in Hotels/Bars etc.

If you ever get the chance to visit Fuerteventura in March you're sure to have fun!   Anyway, here are a few photos of the main procession (the ones in daylight were taken at the assembly point which was close to our house).  Despite having a year to organise everything the procession inevitably starts late ... but as long as there are lots of scantily dressed dancers and lots of guys banging drums and blowing whistles, nobody seems to care much


Dors said...

Sounds like lots of fun. Glad you enjoyed it.
Love the photos so colourful ..Thanks for sharing.

sue said...

Fuerteventura is the quietest and most unspoiled of the Canary Islands (no 18-30 party groups etc) but during this period especially it takes on a new life. What i love is that everybody joins in. There is non of the Political Correctness which has totally taken over in the UK. Children can play in the street whilst parents sit nearby enjoying a drink/chat - family life comes first. Non of this 'have you got police accreditation to be able to look at or touch a child or old person'etc. Everyone has fun!

Anyway, rant over. We love 'our' island. It has spectacular volcanic scenery and mile after mile of golden sand (dunes) blown in from the Sahara.

Jan said...

You make it all sound so fantastic - maybe one day we can visit. Of course, with all that going for it, it probably won't stay unspoiled for long!

Rant away about PC - it's gotten to the point where you can't say or do much of anything here in the US also. Even those things not intended as a slur or anything else negative are frowned upon. A friendly hello to a child is apt to be taken wrong as you said.

Gary Keimig said...

looks as though you had a time. Snowey sure came out nice. beautiful animal and beautiful job on the piece.

sue said...

Thanks for commenting Gary

We always enjoy our visits to Fuerteventura - not least because we get guaranteed sunshine and escape the dreary UK Winter weather.