Friday, 16 April 2010


I did a bit of tidying up on 'Wednesday's  Cat' and will probably call this finished now

and this afternoon I continued working on the picture of Page - unfortunately, the final photographs were taken as the light was fading and they turned out a little blue.  I have adjusted the colour slightly to more closely match the original but hopefully I'll get the chance to photograph it in better light during the weekend.

Having almost finished the cat, I wasn't sure what to do about the bottom left hand corner.  In the reference photo there is a blurry, soft focus, effect.  I think its probably the edge of a cat bed?   Anyway, despite hubby's advice to draw a brick wall (??!!) I took the simpler option and merely copied what I saw and that's the way it will stay :o)

I doubt I'll get the chance to do any more drawings for the next day or so as we had 40 bags of compost delivered today and that needs to be spread on the flower beds tomorrow, we also have a very untidy and extremely muddy  'hidden' corner of the garden which needs to be cleared as the garden landscapers will be working there next week laying a gravel/paving slab base so we can more easily use the area in the Winter months.   So a couple of days of hard labour coming up!!

Have a good weekend


Karen said...

The first cat is a beauty and little (for some reason she looks little to me) Page has a very sweet expression.

sue said...

Thanks Karen
I think they are both probably quite small under those extravagant coats :o)

Next one is a short haired ginger cat

Dais said...

Page looks great! He's quit small for a Norwegian.
You're almost right about the wooden edge. It's my staircase. I could sent you the original photo. I photoshopped this one a little.

sue said...

Hi Dais

Whatever his size Page is very beautiful. I'm going to leave the background as it is - kind of understated. I'm glad you confirmed he is a Norwegian I thought he could be Maine Coon!