Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I had a real tussle with the new printer this morning.  It threw a major tantrum because I loaded 'Epson compatible' inks rather than the real McCoy.  My old printer used to object slightly if I loaded non-Epson inks but after a polite 'do you realise I may not be able to give you high quality results if you proceed with this cheap stuff' it got on with the job ...

Not this printer ..... it stamped its feet and refused to print.   After 10 minutes it told me it was out of Cyan ink.  So I added a new cartridge.   When it did the same thing for the other three colours, which I knew  were full , we had a heated discussion for another half-hour before it eventually shrugged its shoulders and printed my picture!

This all came about because I decided to draft out another cat picture last night - not a good idea after a large glass of red wine.    When I looked at the outline this morning I realised it was way out .... so I wanted to print out the ref picture and grid it so I could more easily spot/rectify the problem area in my sketch. 

Anyway, apart from the computer hassle I've had an interruption-free drawing day.  The gardeners won't be back till next week and David (hubby) was out for the day.     I made good progress with this cat and, like the ragdoll, I will leave it for a few days and look at it with fresh eyes/do final adjustments next week.  I'm not happy with the fur on the 'white ruff' although it looks like that in the ref .... I'll need to have a think about that bit.

This is drawn in pastels on Fisher 400 (still my favourite support for pastels)


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sue said...

Thanks Jeanne

I'm really enjoying myself at the moment - not working on commissioned pictures and worrying about the reactions of dog/cat/horse/child owners (perhaps 'owners' isn't the right word to attach to child ?? (!!)

K. T. Sparks said...

I just love your work and how you show us to process. Thanks

sue said...

Thanks very much ladies :o)