Tuesday, 9 March 2010

09/03: PLAYTIME!!

David and I are about to fly off to our home in sunny Fuerteventura (Canaries) for some R&R!!     We have to get up at around 4.30am tomorrow morning but its worth it as we'll be in sunshine by lunchtime tomorrow!!

It has been a busy, but wonderful day today.   We met my stepdaughter (Caroline)  and her boyfriend, and David's Mum at a Kentish Pub for a lovely lunch to celebrate Caroline's **st birthday!!   We then went on to have coffee with our best friends who will  be house-sitting whilst we are away and whose beautiful and talented grand-daughter drew a portrait of the two of us .... I will be mounting and framing this when I get back after our break .. but what chance do we aspiring artists have when faced with talent like this ( the artist is 6 years old)!!

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Dors said...

What an adorable drawing. It always touches my heart when children draw a picture for me. It's lovely.

Have a great time Sue. relax and enjoy the sunshine.