Thursday, 15 April 2010


I have photographs showing Page in two different poses and will draw them both and decide which one(s) can be included with the submission to SOFA.   I can only submit 4 pictures so decision time will be next week I guess.

This is A3 size, pastels on Fisher 400 paper.   It isn't going as smoothly as the previous two and I'm not sure why.   Because the Fisher 400 only comes in one colour (light sand) I decided to do a very simple white wash background.  But I don't have any white watercolour paint. I tried using shavings from a watercolour pencil but that wasn't successful.  I then watered down some gouache .... not brilliant but it did the trick.

The colours may alter from photo to photo as they were taken at different times of day, in different daylight conditions.

I always start with the eyes - if these don't work I know I'll never be happy with the picture.   Well, that could be the case here also .... I think I'm 'nearly there' and decided to crack on and just mark out the areas of darker fur

The ears are finished and I carried on just blocking in areas of colour working out where his marking are:

To borrow a phrase from a fellow artist - I'm 'flitting' around this one, adding detail in some places, then smudging it all in and losing definition.  So I decided to be sensible and call it a day.   Hopefully things will improve tomorrow

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