Monday, 25 August 2014


Seems an age since I last posted but lots has been happening.        The Springer Spaniel, Grace, was approved and despatched to my client but it is intended as a birthday present in September for Grace's Mum.  Hopefully she will be pleased with the portrait.

Hilly, the KC Spaniel has been accepted into The World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition which runs  from Saturday 27th September to Saturday 8th November.     I've found a mount/frame to use and will sort that out closer to the exhibition date.    Hilly's portrait won't be for sale as its going to Hilly's Mum in November.     I have posted a pic before but here she is again ... Hilly, on drafting film over a white backing sheet.

We have almost got the downstairs of our house back to 'normal' with most things back in their rightful place and I've been able to clean some of the dust and plaster residue from the floor and windows.   There are a few jobs still to be done but we're going to take a short holiday to relax and get over these stressful 10 weeks.

Unfortunately, David hasn't been very well and he's been told not to drive just now so I'm doing all the chauffering.  I'm not a 'happy motorist' and view driving as a necessary evil so not enjoying it at all.   Our GP is happy for David to fly so long as he wears those beautiful flight socks on the plane and stays hydrated so we're off to our home on Fuerteventura.     

We have family members house-sitting and just hope the weather picks up for them as it hasn't stopped raining all day and more is forecast for tomorrow.    We're also having our patio cleaned up and repointed whilst we are away so we'll come back to a lovely outdoor area and hopefully will get an Indian Summer so we can catch up on all the outdoor living we missed as a result of the flood ... nice to sit outside with a bottle of wine watching hubby BBQ the food!

I've had very little time for artwork but have been playing with a series of slightly distorted subjects based on photos I've taken and 'tweaked' in Elements .. this is one of them.  Very quick to do as its coloured pencil on drafting film and I just put a 'zoom burst effect' on the ref. photo and tried to capture the effect in pencil.     I'm not sure whether I like it or not but will have a think whilst away and maybe try another of the subjects I've added the effect to

The mount is just laid over the top to anchor the drafting film down.   I'm getting to the end of the large roll I bought years ago and it keeps curling up which is very frustrating.

David borrowed my camera on Friday evening to photograph the lovely cloud formation at sunset and the seagulls whose wings were all glowing pink as they flew into the sunset .... but he got distracted by this visitor and not sure who was most shocked.    Shame its not in focus as David isn't used to my camera and couldn't find the right setting quickly enough.

Our garden fence is 5ft high on top of a concrete base so in reality its closer to 6ft high ... agile little crittur isn't it?

'See you' when we're back and then I'll be onto Christmas commissions I guess ...


  1. That looks just like the fox in Prince Caspian (one of he Narnia movies).

    I like Hilly and I like the lion. Very different. Have a relaxing time in Fuerte, you both deserve it.

  2. That looks just like the fox in Prince Caspian (one of he Narnia movies).

    I like Hilly and I like the lion. Very different. Have a relaxing time in Fuerte, you both deserve it.

  3. Wow, Sue! Lots going on indeed! Congrats on Hilly's acceptance. I like the idea of your distorted burst effect but not sure about it on this pic. I know it was a quickie so maybe adding more colors or something - it's very green.
    Way to go David! Even slightly out of focus, it's a great shot.
    Now get some rest and enjoy your holiday!

  4. I think the effects on the lion work very well, def. something to try again :)

  5. What a great capture of the fox . Glad you shared it regardless of the slight blur.
    That beautiful art of the lioness bursting onto the scene is exciting !

  6. Always amazing work, Sue. I've been changing my blog address around and each time I do, I lose my blog roll and have to re-create it! Dratted mess it cost me. But I've found a new method to find them that has probably always been there and I just didn't realize it. I hope you and David have a fabulous vacation!

  7. Thank you for visiting/commenting ladies. I'm not getting much internet time at the moment so apologies for late response. Jan, I'm amazed at how bright yellow/green the background looks on our travel computer here. The background is very green (but not as bright as this). On my home computer it looks very different!

    Hi Sherry ... good to see you back here. I'll have to check that your new Blog appears on my Blogroll also.


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