Thursday, 7 August 2014


On Monday we drove to Somerset to collect some of my pics which Bev Lewis Bevs Animal Portraits had kindly stored for me since the UK Coloured Pencil Regional Exhibition in Ilminster ended.     Being August and the height of British Summer the roads were appalling and the drive 'interesting'.  Anyway, lovely to meet up with Bev and we then spent the evening in Bristol and had a quick walk round the lovely City Centre and waterways.      

Tuesday we had planned to visit a local zoo to photograph more wild animals but it was wet/windy so we decided to visit a butterfly centre I'd seen signposted en route to Bev's house.

We whiled away a happy few hours snapping away at butterflies (so much simpler if they'd just stay still for a while) and also took photos of the otters and meerkats which were housed at the same centre - the Studley Grange Butterfly World at Swindon, Wilts.

For today, just butterflies ....    I can identify them from the fact sheet provided (if required) but basically it was just a case of 'point and shoot' at most of these as they were very active.

I've missed out the caterpillar pics and the gigantic butterfly/moth that was on the ceiling (don't know what it was as not on the factsheet).

David tells me he has taken some very good photos ..... but he hasn't downloaded them yet so maybe I'll be posting some of his in the next few days


Jan said...

So cool, Sue! I was looking forward to the KCC Spaniel update but this is almost as good!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan
I managed just 30 mins on the spaniel picture today so nothing much to show really.

I've been cleaning/moving furniture/cooking/dealing with insurers etc so this was the best I could manage today ... hopefully an update on the spaniel tomorrow LOL

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very pretty and delicate looking :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very pretty and delicate looking :)

Jan said...

Duh! I know it's a CKC spaniel - think my mind is a pickled as my cukes!

Looking forward to the update no matter the name!

Studio at the Farm said...

Beautiful butterfly pics ... or flutterby pics!
Sue, thank you for your note about Bruno. He is coming along well with lateral flexion, especially since I have started doing exercises from the ground before I ask from the saddle. We ride only English. :)
Kathryn XX

Polly Birchall said...

Such beautiful photos aren't they the most lovely insects.

Bev said...

Great pics Sue, will you use any of these for future paintings?

Sue Clinker said...

Haha Jan, I knew what you meant. Never had pickled Cukes, unless that's what we call Gherkins? Anyway, hope to work on the Spaniel today so will update later.

Hi Kathryn, Polly and Bev. They are pretty insects. Shame they are so short lived and tend to get a bit 'threadbare' as they age. I have lots of pics where wing tips are shredded/missing. I don't think they'll feature in future drawings Bev .... love to look at them but thy don't inspire me. But, Never say Never LOL

Jo said...

We have a butterfly sanctuary near us. Haven't been for years. They used to have Lady Gouldian Finches (Aus) in there. Very colourful birds.