Wednesday, 24 September 2014


We're back from holiday and have been busy catching up with work at home.    We still have some decorating/repair work to be done after the flood back in June/July but hopefully the work won't be too intrusive or take too long.   It took us a long time to 'unwind' this trip - but we had been under a lot of stress for several weeks ... nicely 'chilled' again now   :-)

I have some photos from Fuerteventura which I might share here later but for today would just like to post a short video (fingers crossed it will work).     We went to the East Kent Ploughing Match near Dover today - David likes the tractors and steam engines but I'm a sucker for the heavy horses and wanted to see them at work.       I took lots of photos so several have been added to my ever increasing 'to do' list .....

Here's a short video showing a couple of the horse teams at work - magnificent aren't they?

There were lots of trade/food/business stands at the show as well as a display by the local hunt with their Foxhounds, Birds of Prey/Falconry and small animals (donkeys, ponies and chickens).   It was all very impressive and a mere £3 per person entry which is quite refreshing in this day and age.     I'd have liked to visit the 'War & the Horse Festival'  staged at Dover Castle last weekend but with entry fees of £18.50 per adult thought that was a bit steep ...    

Anyway, on the arty front, the drawing of Hilly, the Kings Charles Cavalier Spaniel is now at Keswick (Pencil Museum) in readiness for being hung at the UK Coloured Pencil Society Exhibition which starts at the weekend.    

I'm currently working on a graphite pencil drawing of a 10 month old boy which is a Christmas present portrait for 'granny'.    I did a portrait of his brother as a baby for 'granny' as a Xmas present two years ago - its always nice to have returning clients.  

The Springer I portrayed recently was a surprise 60th birthday present and was well received.   I've been sent this photo showing the portrait framed and hanging in pride of place in the recipient's lounge:


  1. welcome back :)

    love seeing the draft horses at work, make it look so easy lol :)

  2. Hi Sue,
    It sounds like you have spent the past month in the most wonderful way. I would have loved to see those plow-horses!
    The springer looks beautiful framed. i am so glad to read it was well received.

  3. Welcome home, Sue! Hope all is finally being squared away for you. I would rather see the horses than the machinery too! The Spaniel looks great framed and I'm sure brought tears to the eyes of the recipient!

  4. Nice to know when your work hits the right spot for someone isn't it? Love the horses, I love the fluffy pasterns (I think that's the right word).

    So excited for Mike.

    Glad to see your are home and unwound.

  5. I seem to be seeing more Springers with a Brittany Spaniel style of face...smaller and pointier. I grew up with Springers and all of them were heavier in the bone, fuller in the face. Yet they still have those eyes and ears...Beautiful!!!

  6. Thanks Jennifer. You'd have liked the Birds of Prey I think :-)

    The horses were lovely - such gentle giants. Jo, the 'hairy' bits are 'feathers' and the team ploughing at the end of my video (Sid and Sam) live quite close to me on the Isle of Sheppey. When the weather is good enough the owner drives them through the sea which cleans/whitens the feathers and makes them fluffy!

    Hi Sherry - Like the new Avatar! The Springer looks fairly typical of the breed (in England anyway) but I'm sure the head size/shape has been changed through breeding over the years. There were lots of Springer Spaniels and Labradors at the show as you'd imagine - as it attracts a huge agricultural crowd - nice day off for the local farmers

  7. Wow! The Springer portrait looks amazing framed.!!! Glad you had a wonderful vacation! Welcome back!!


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