Monday, 11 August 2014


I sprayed the portrait with fixative last week as it will be going in the post to my client so I like to give it a little more protection, even though its on Pastelmat which holds the pastel quite nicely.

Fixative tends to dull the colours a little I fine, especially the white/light colours so I reworked it a bit and generally tidied up.       I've sent pics of the portrait with and without the mount (mount is just laid over the top for now) and am awaiting approval/critique

Not quite sure what to work on next.   I could make an early start on a Xmas commission but that would be a graphite picture and I'm in the mood to stick with colour for now.

I was looking through the photos I took in India back in January/February and came across one that David instantly took a shine to and he's very keen for me to have a go at it as an exhibition piece.    Its not something I would have chosen to draw and I'm not sure I can do it justice but I think it'll do me good to get outside my comfort zone for a while.   So I'll make a start on it tomorrow and decide after a couple of days whether its working out ..... not showing you anything till then  LOL

and ..... finally our new sofas arrived this afternoon (luckily in a lull between stormy/rainshowers) so we can sit in relative comfort tonight - the decorator has brought forward the start date so he'll be here on Wednesday and once all the painting is finished we can put things back into their proper places and relax ...... yeayyyy!

They aren't much different to the sofas we lost which was deliberate as I didn't want to have to change curtain colours etc - just need to get more scatter cushions but that can wait till everything is back in place and we have time to shop for such 'luxuries'


Jo said...

I bet you are beginning too feel really relieved with only the decorating to do. Make sure they cover your new stuff really well though.

Spaniel looks great.

Sue Clinker said...

Yep, its been a long old slog Jo and we'll be so happy to get everything back in place. But just looking at BBC news about flooding in Cambridgeshire and many poor householders have raw sewage/up to 20" water indoors so by comparison we had things 'easy'

Jo said...

Compared to raw sewage you certainly did. That would be really difficult to cope with.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

The light in that room is wonderful!!

The pictures of the spaniel with and without a mat, really show how a mat can really finish a piece

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jennifer
This is a really light house full of windows and glass panelled doors. It has chapel style windows in the hallways/landings and lots of extra dormers etc .... but its a pain in the bedrooms as the light floods in from 4am (in the Summer). Can't have it all ways I guess!

Jan said...

The spaniel really does look good with the mat. Now you've got my curiosity aroused about what you plan to work on next - hurry and get it so we can see it!!!!
Your new furniture looks great and I know you're relieved to be getting everything back in place.
Keep us posted on the progress!

Polly Birchall said...

Phew, it's taken a time to get sorted, but you are now over the worst and stress is over I hope. Loooove your lively dog study.

hmuxo said...

This portrait is outstanding.. It's amazing, Sue! You are SO talented and I missed your previous "Hilly".. another amazing painting!!!
I'm glad to see you're getting back to a "bit" norm... My neighborhood is still working on their homes from Sandy..and as Jo said.. some of the homes here had raw sewage as well and their houses have been condemned.. and some are rebuilding on a 6ft foundation!

I'm looking forward to seeing another dog portrait.. you do them SO well!!!

Sue Clinker said...

Oops just as we were getting sorted David's had a couple of health scares and we've been back & forth to the health centre/doctors surgery.

So artwork back on hold for a while and getting the house back to normal has slowed up ... but thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm still here but not able to get online as often as I'd like.

More soon I'm sure.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

oh no :( hope he is ok