Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I have very limited access to internet so apologies for not commenting on fellow Bloggers' posts. I am skimming through them but won't be able to comment till back home in the UK A shopping/cultural complex was built near our house about 5 years ago. It has several alleys with a variety of shops and cafes leading to a central square where you can sit and enjoy wine/beer and tapas and listen to local musicians.


On Saturday the switching on of their Christmas lights was scheduled for 7.30pm, which in Canarian speak means anything between 6.30pm and 8.30pm ... we wandered down to take a look at just after 7pm. There were crowds of locals and tourists there being entertained by choirs of schoolchildren singing traditional Spanish Christmas songs .... but no lights.

not appreciated by all the visitors ... and I must admit it was VERY loud

We waited till after 8pm but David got bored and hungry so we came back home to eat. We heard fireworks going off just after 8.30pm so guess that's when the lights got turned on. anyway, we went back last night and was able to see the lights without having to fight our way through the hoardes.

 Can't be bad, sitting under the Christmas lights in shirt sleeves at 7.30pm!!

Well that's the Christmas Hype out of the way, Bah Humbug!!     As the weather has been variable here (but still in the low/mid 20s in the shade) we've been doing a lot of walking and I've been snapping away with the camera at anything that takes my fancy.  Yesterday was very windy and it got quite chilly as we were walking along a more rugged stretch of the coastline here.       Today the weather was much brighter and hotter (still windy) and we walked away from the sea towards the stark rocky part of the town which is mainly used by dog walker rather than tourists.      We found a colony of chipmunks who came to call so we detoured to a local supermarket to buy some bread  and went back to play with the little critturs.

Hopefully will post some piccies in a day or so.

Tomorrow is David's birthday so we have a tapas lunch planned with friends in Town and then tomorrow evening will be spent with friends at our usual Wednesday night pub quiz venue, Rosie O'Grady's where the 2 lady bosses will provide some light refreshments.   Need to get an early night tonight methinks as tomorrow will be a loooooong day/night


Colette Theriault said...

Greetings from Sudbury Sue! Beautiful huge tumbling snowflakes here for much of the day. I enjoyed looking at the lovely lights on your photos. Beautiful setting; enjoy!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

happy birthday to david!!

and very pretty lights :D

Jo said...

Definitely Happy Birthday to David. I love the lights. Don't complain about the weather, we have been having some snow round here too. Not a lot thank goodness.

I enjoy all the Christmas stuff, but Matt has decided to be as Scroogy as you these days. Ah well. He bought me a pant suit which I ordered LOL