Friday, 22 November 2013


Time is flying so quickly here on (not so) sunny Fuerteventura.   The weather has been strange .. lots of white cloud and not much sunshine but it is around 22deg in the shade so I'm certainly not complaining.

We've been out and about meeting friends for lunch etc and just generally catching up with all the changes since our last trip.  There are always bars and restaurants changing hands but thankfully not our top 4 favourite ones which have stood the test of time and been here for many years.   All owner managed and very nice.

One of the seafront bars has changed from a Neil Diamond themed bar (where the owner performed songs by Neil Diamond brilliantly) to a Spanish Bar with Flamenco music and dancing most evenings.

Flamenco dancing originated with Andulusian Gypsies.   Contrary to popular belief castanets and maracas are not normally used in Flamenco dancing where the  'music' is simple hand clapping.  Castanets and maracas are more traditionally used in Latin/American dancing but somehow its all got a bit muddled now and we commonly see pictures/figurines of Flamenco dancers with castanets/maracas. 

I was chuffed to spot a rare maraca tree today and to photograph it against the only blue sky we saw all afternoon.

Once dried and polished the maracas when played properly add the distinctive background sound to many Spanish/Latin American dances/songs.      Nothing like the plastic rattles given to young babies and toddlers to keep them amused.

Here's a demo of what can be done with one's maracas (!!)


(not April 1st yet is it)?


  1. I used to have a pair of maracas , no idea where they are now tho

    22!? there is snow in the mountains here and its almost -4C :p

  2. He doesn't look very happy that young man.

  3. Didn't know Maracas grew on trees, sounds like a joke, is that why you put 1st April. Enjoy the rest of your stay in the warm.

  4. Hi Jennifer. I'm certainly not complaining about the lack of sunshine, just as long as its warm, I'm happy. Its much colder in Scotland that Whitstable at the moment then. Our house-sitters say its about 5 deg there.

    Hi Jo - you're right he doesn't LOL

    Hi Polly, they don't grow on trees but they can be made from dried gourds apparently. Just saw this tree and thought how amazing the 'fruits' are .... and well we are in Spain after all.

  5. the sun is shining, its jut cold which is odd :/

  6. Just be blessed you aren't here, Sue! Just checked and it's only 1 degree C and they say that will be the high today. It's also windy and feels bitter out.

    I had always thought maracas were made from gourds but that tree does look like one!


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