Friday, 8 November 2013


I should have photographed these earlier as the rain returned at 3pm and the sky is dark grey - not great conditions for taking photos.   Never mind.

I guess you'll be as fed up with the gorilla as me now ... but basically this is about finished, barring a few tweaks before getting it mounted/framed.     Its an odd shape but can't decide whether to frame it 'as is' with neck/chest showing which makes it a taller, thinner picture

or to crop it and not show so much neck so its a more regular shape.  David prefers the crop but I guess I'll make the final decision when I talk to the framer

and here are the early stages of Lulu.  I'm drawing her on a large sheet of white Derwent Watercolour Paper with the intention of cropping the picture down to square approx 12" x 12".     I've tried to crop the photos accordingly

The background looks grey in the photos but that's because of poor light.  

She has the most amazing eyes, and a tanned olive complexion so there are about 20 layers of colour in her skin using ultra sharp pencils and laying the colour down very delicately to keep the skin as smooth as possible.   

Need to do more work on 'the pout' but its coming along much faster than the gorilla ...

That's it for a day or so.    I'm supposed to be cutting back on computer/drawing work till my neck and shoulder heal.   My shoulder is loosely strapped up to ease the 'rotator cuff injury' which is what the physio has diagnosed as part of the problem and I have exercises to do to ease the neck/nerve problem - got me some funny looks in Sainsbury when I practiced my neck rotations whilst waiting at the checkout.     

Have a good weekend


  1. Yup, I like the gorilla cropped too.

    Little girl is coming along very well.

  2. The gorilla portrait is amazing Sue...not sure which I prefer so good idea to see what the framer says, sometimes trying a mount and frame make it all clear.

  3. Thanks Jo.

    and thanks for the e-advent calendar (sadly I can't get it to load just now but will try again tomorrow)

  4. Hi Judith.
    Thank you. The gorilla was way out of my comfort zone and I probably spent more time on him than 3 of my last cp drawings put together!
    You're right. Different colours/sizes of mount/frames make such a difference to a picture so will reserve judgement just now.

  5. Both look really good, the gorilla looks like a very difficult piece to do. I prefer the first tall crop, I like something a bit different it makes you curious.

  6. Thanks for commenting Cathy. I think I favour the first tall crop also but it'll be easier to decide when I can see how it looks with mountboard etc.

  7. the gorilla looks great :D def. the cropped version. it is much more effective and in your face. the chest and neck are really distracting from the goreous face textures

  8. I like both the gorilla comps although I think I prefer the first. Good idea to wait to see what the framer suggests. He looks really good whichever you choose.

    Can't wait to see the little girl finished - she looks so mischieveous!

    Hope all your "parts" are responding to the treatments you're getting! Will you need surgery to repair the rotator cuff?

  9. Beautiful gorilla. I'm not sure which I like better. I "think" I have to say the cropped version but good idea to check with the framer and see what he says. LOVE the eyes so far with Lulu! This is going to be a fantastic portrait!!

  10. Keep doing the exercises and resting in between. D'ya here me! Patience! Your gorilla is Am-a-zing! And Lulu is looking good.

  11. I hear you Polly ... no gardening, maybe just a little light dusting and cooking - definitely no hoovering or heavy housework LOL

    wonder how long I can stretch this out for ??

    I really enjoyed the gorilla - totally different from my normal work and no pressure to get an exact likeness (he wasn't a commission, you'll be surprised to hear)!

  12. Thanks Peggy.
    She'll look better when I've finished tweaking the skintones and can add eyelashes etc.


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