Tuesday, 12 November 2013


I've been shorn ..... well, actually I just went to the hairdresser this afternoon and got 'tidied up' - after years of nagging by David who wanted me to abandon the tried and trusted shoulder length bob I had my hair cut semi-short last visit and today was a little more drastic ... I must admit its easier to manage but its still strange to see my reflection in the mirror.

We have a busy few days before flying back to Fuerteventura so I won't get to finish Lulu before we go, which is probably a good thing as I can make all the final adjustments to her, and the gorilla, when I get back having had a break from looking at them.

latest progress pics

I finished the little flowers/butterfly necklace and made a start on her hair.   I added the bottom eyelashes thinking I'd finished tweaking the colours on her face/skin

and straight away, her skintones look less dramatic as her face isn't just surrounded by a white mass ... I may have to rework the skintones and deepen them but for the moment I'm going to be carrying on with her hair.  

She'll probably hate me for this when she's older and won't want to reminded of 'the pout'  

I have to say that she looks much more 'yellow' on Blogger (via Picasa) than she does in my photo albums or in real life but I know Blogger is having problems with its photo uploader at the moment so maybe its something to do with that.   


  1. She is absolutely going to be stunning Sue! Love the translucent flower beads of her necklace, her eyes, lips, hair, my gosh, everything about her speaks pretty!
    So are you going to show us your new hairstyle?

  2. Wish I were off the the Canaries this weekend. As it is I have just discovered I am going into the hospital for a GI scope tomorrow afternoon. In and out, but....

    Little girl is coming along beautifully, will look forward to seeing it finished.

  3. Haha .... not yet Colette, I need to get used to it myself and will probably be happier once I've washed/dried/styled it myself. Looks a bit too 'perfect' for my liking just now

    I'm not a great one for having beauty treatments, manicures, etc and it takes me a while to adjust to changes LOL

  4. Good luck Jo ... I think your hospitals are better than the UKs nowadays?
    Hope all goes well.

  5. I get the opposite impression from the family. At least we have social medicine same as the UK.

  6. Can't wait to see your new "do"! Lulu is really coming along - hate you have to abandon it for so long!

  7. A beautiful portrait, especially those eyes!

  8. thanks Cathy.
    I was working at my 'voluntary job' at Pilgrims Hospice today and viewed these Blog posts on their computer. Amazed at how yellow the picture looks on screen. It really is more pink in reality so think the problem is when uploaded via Picasa. Something to think about ...

  9. I hate the hairdressers, it's like going to the dentist to me, I am not brave enough to have a drastic trim, so good for you. This is absolutely my favourite of yours and I would call this a masterpiece. She is so full of character and looks a little imp. Brilliant!

  10. Sorry Jan, missed your post. Yes its a shame I won't get Lulu finished before we leave for Fuerte but the danger is that I'll rush it and mess it up if I try. She'll still be waiting when I get back. er mum doesn't know about this portrait yet. it's a surprise so no hurry to get it finished.

  11. I'm the same way Polly. Still not sure about this cut, think I preferred the previous one which was slightly longer. Maybe I need to do something even more drastic like dye it pink or something LOL

    Thanks for your lovely comments about Lulu. I was just drawn to this pouting face even though it doesn't show her in the best light. Its a bit of fun!

  12. OHMYGoodness, Sue!!! This is truly spectacular. Those eyes are flawless! I can't wait to see this one finished!!


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