Thursday, 2 February 2012

02/02: BACK AT WORK!

Well we're back from sunny Fuerteventura and really feeling the cold.

Picked my 'repaired' computer up from PC World on Monday.  The TechGuys (to whom we pay a monthly maintenance fee) had apparently replaced the faulty memory.   Appears they didn't bother to check the computer afterwards though.   20 minutes after reloading all the files we'd backed up onto an external drive, the computer went back to its old tricks of crashing (blue screen) every few minutes.    Needless to say we are less than chuffed with PC World and the TechGuys.   Speaking to a friend last night she doesn't have a good word to say about TechGuys having had two run-ins with them for a faulty TV and fridge-freezer.    Still, we have to give them another chance to redeem themselves I guess.  Watch this space.

Meantime, I'm working from an old laptop plugged into my larger screen and mouse.  Its strange typing on the small keyboard but viewing on the old monitor - doesn't take much to confuse me.  Its such a pain as all my 'commission files' are on an external drive so not easily accessible when I need to check clients' email addresses or refer to reference photos .... still at least I can work (after a fashion) and access the internet.  

But ... I have been busy.

I knew I had to get straight back to the drawing board on Monday morning as the first of my outstanding commissions has to be with the client by 7th February.   It has been finished and approved today so will be en route tomorrow.  Its a graphite 'human' portrait but can't show it yet as its a surprise birthday portrait.

I am nearing completion on another graphite portrait but this is one I'd made a start on last year before putting it to one side to complete the Christmas orders.

and, having had a break from the little Terrier I've had a fresh look at it and can see several areas that need tweaking.  I'll get back to that at the weekend as its pastel and I'd like to finish the graphite work first.

I think I'll be fitting in a Vizsla next but I have agreed to travel to Essex to photograph a black lab which is to be a belated birthday portrait ... just got to sort out a suitable day (and hope for better weather as I'd prefer to photograph a black lab in natural outdoor daylight).

David and I are also on a bit of a health kick .... we've both over-indulged over the Christmas period and our holiday so are cutting back on the booze ... no alcohol has passed our lips since the weekend :-) and we're dieting and using the exercise bike.   We've set ourselves targets of losing 1stone each (approx 6kgs) before our next visit to Fuerteventura on 14 March ... so hoping for a slow/steady weight loss ... then we can blow it all whilst on holiday :-)


  1. Welcome back Sue - hope you had a super time and I hope your computer is back up and running smoothly soon. They are a godsend when they work and a nightmare when they don't!!! :)

  2. I haven't hear one good thing about the guys at PC World :/ The ones around here seem very very clueless about what they are selling :/

  3. Great to see you back Sue. Darn PC's at times. Sorry to hear that the Tech boys didn't do their job and hope they get it right this time .

    Looking forward to seeing your works and commissions through 2012.


  4. Thanks Ladies ... its good to be back and apologies for my moans .. but sadly its a fact of life that a working computer is pretty fundamental to modern life :-(

    The computer went back to the factory yesterday ... so fingers crossed!

  5. Hi Sue, welcome back. Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I have never bought a ready made computer, I have always had them made up to my spec, and they have always worked out cheaper than the ready mades and have been very reliable too. If I ever have a problem with this one (I haven't yet) I will take it back to the young man who built this one and he will sort it out for me, £30, plus any parts if they are needed, unless you want it back on the same day when he charges a little extra.

  6. Thanks Bev
    I wish we knew somebody locally who could build computers.
    Ironically, David bought this computer for me as my previous one was a little slow and we'd increased the memory to MAX. This 'superior' model has been trouble from the start and I persevered for several months but the problems just got worse.

    Waiting to see whether the TechGuys actually live up to their promises this time. Their brochure states they will replace the machine if they can't fix it ... but I'll cross that bridge ....

  7. Yaaaay! You're back! You were missed and it's very good to have you back!

    Hope you get your computer back soon and that it works properly.

    It sounds as if you'll be busy for the next while with all the art needing to be done - can't wait to see it all!

  8. WELCOME BACK, SUE!!! You've been missed! I look forward to your pieces!! Sorry to hear about your computer problems. I only wish that I was "computer savvy!"

  9. Thanks Jan and Hilda.

    I've certainly missed my Blogger friends. I am trying to view all the posts I missed but its a long job:-)

  10. Good to see you and hope you had a lovely time. Computer woes are always a pain. Sometimes I think when I finish my current job I should do half computer and half art...although it has been a while since I built them. I look forward to seeing your endition of a Vizla, they are beautiful dogs X


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