Monday, 27 February 2012


That just about sums up the day nicely I think.

Firstly the 'lost' items .... A complete folder of photographs taken at Port Lympne animal park has disappeared from my computer - presumably during the recent fiasco when the TechGuys were trying to resolve the many problems my computer was suffering from.  When the computer allowed us to, we backed up files/folders onto an external hard drive but it seems this one slipped the net.   It had 100+ photos of meerkats and lions/lionesses which I planned to use this Spring.  Sooooooo looks as though another trip to Port Lympne is called for, and hopefully the animals will be as obliging as they were last time.

The 'better loss' is the excess weight which is reducing nicely.  At this morning's weekly weigh in David and I each registered a loss of 11lbs since starting our healthy eating/drinking regime 4 weeks ago.  Our target is to lose 14lbs each before going back to Fuerteventura on 14th March, so 2 more weeks to shift the next 3lbs ... then we can celebrate with a curry at our favourite Indian restaurant on the island :-)

and the Wins ...... we went tenpin bowling for the first time in more than 3 years.   David and I used to bowl regularly and belonged to a couple of leagues but we had to give up when we moved to Whitstable - just too far to travel back to the old centre twice a week.    We have a small tenpin bowling centre nearby so we dusted off the shoes and balls and gave it a whirl.  I was a bit nervous about making a fool of myself but I managed a credible 160 average over the 3 games .... to David's 147 average I hasten to add YAH BOO!!!!!

No more work on Lottie the black lab today until I get feedback from her mum and dad about whether they want any changes made before I add final detail.

I've been 'playing' with a photo I took of my 16 month old grand-daughter at the weekend.   I did take lots of more 'usual' poses of her laughing but I kept getting drawn back to one picture where she is looking back over her shoulder at the camera and the light from the nearby window has emphasized lots of blue tones in her skin.     This is what I've been trying to capture today - coloured pencils on light grey pastelmat paper - at one stage she did look a little like a SMURF ... but I've toned the blues down a little so if her mum does happen to see my Blog she won't be horrified.    This is the first child/grand-child and everything has to be perfect ... I don't think this is a portrait she'd particularly like .... but its a challenge for me and may well end up in the bin yet   :-)

Sophie-Louise ... and yes, her eyes really are as blue as that!


Doreen Cross said...

Great job Sue. what a sweetie. Look forward to seeing updates.

Congrats on the full commission book. Must be a good feeling.

Gr to the loss of your great photo file. So annoying eh.

Fabulous work on the Black Lab.

Jan/ said...

Wow, Sue! Is Sophie-Louise really 16 months old now! Where has the time gone?

This is a gorgeous portrait so don't you dare bin it! I can see where you might be concerned that the portrait is too blue but the colors are working right now and think it will all come together in the end.

She's a beautiful child and I love the pose.

Kendra said...

You're funny ... I don't think the portrait looks like a smurf! Looks like a great start to me the way her head is turned and those big blue eyes looking out at the viewer!

Good luck to you and David taking off those pounds! It's always a struggle. And the bowling sounds like fun.

Art by Laura said...

Looks nice, waiting for the end :)